2004 Gran Canaria (springtime)

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Gran Canaria


trip's start

en route

our first full day

Playa del Inglés beach

Getting re-acquianted with Maspalomas

Finnegan's, Playa del Inglés

Avenida de Alfereces Provisionales

Los Guanches Norteños

Lila is 2.5 today

Paddy Murphy's, Playa del Inglés

Charlie's Ingenio footrace

Maspalomas rock climbing

grilling in the wind

a rainy day

Omi Marga's day

La Belle drag show

Casa Poco, Maspalomas

Maspalomas Money Blues

Dunas de Maspalomas

Restaurante Laurentino, San Fernando

Burger Treff, Playa del Inglés

Mini-Tren Gran Canaria

La Cabaña Park, San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Suministros Frutas Y Verduras, San Fernando

Charcutería y Carnicería Socorro, San Fernando

Pasteleria Bomboneria San Francisco, San Fernando

Much Ado About Nothing

Low tide in Maspalomas

crepes in Maspalomas

a feverish day

el dia penultimo

back to S. F.

Deutsche Gasthaus Atlantis, Playa del Inglés

Apartamentos Australia, Playa del Inglés

Restaurante Las Escaleritas, Maspalomas

C. C. Yumbo


Harrison Electronics

C. C. San Fernando

C. C. Cita

things learned


2004 Gran Canaria (springtime)

You've read about our visits to Gran Canaria before, in 1995, 1999, and 2003.

Well, we're heading back! It's February of 2004, and I've just realized that there are good tickets to be had and there's no time like the present to celebrate Omi's impending 92nd birthday (actually happening on the Summer Solstice).

Here's Lila entertaining herself whilst Papa packs. We had our clothes in suitcases two days before the trip, but we were still packing the kids' backpacks the night before.

As usual, we'll be staying in the town of Playa del Inglés, although we won't be back at the Atlantis I, but rather next door at the Apartamentos Australia. (One can't have the pick of the litter when one decides to travel five days before one arrives.)

Again, as usual, we'll be making the SFO to LPA trip in three legs, this time San Francisco International Airport (called SFO from the original "San Francisco Oakland" name) to Chicago O'Hare, then Madrid-Barajas, and then Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

This is the index page for the trip. Each day I'll add at least one web page and an entry at the bottom of each page. You may follow along by either going through the last daily entry on this page or by following the last link of the last paragraph at the bottom of each of the daily pages.

Okay, here goes...

 Monday 2 February 2004
  Lila entertains herself as we pack for our upcoming trip.

 Thursday 5 & Friday 6 February 2004
  The kids, excited to be driving around the Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas, almost done with their three-leg trip to Gran Canaria.

The café at the airport, where I have the first good caffè con leche I've enjoyed since my last visit to the Spanish sphere of influence.

The southern peninsula of the island of Lanzarote, the last bit of land we'll see before we arrive at Gran Canaria.

The kids circle around Omi Marga just after they meet her on the other side of customs. They're excited beyond restraint, running and jumping and hugging and kissing.

More details about our {glossSub("{glossSub("2004-02 Gran Canaria: The Journey is the Reward", ", "our journey to Gran Canaria")} are available to you. {whatsNewDateEnd()}

 Saturday 7 February 2004
  Rose unpacks some of our food purchases into our spacious kitchen.

Here are Lila and Isaac, sitting by and in the freezing pool water, whilst chatting with Chilean siblings.

After a year of seeing photos of Isaac helping Omi Marga squeeze oranges, Lila is more than ready to help. Here she is patiently waiting her turn.

More details about our our first full day on Gran Canaria await you.

 Sunday 8 February 2004
  Paella, at the Cerveceria Frankfurt, on the Playa del Inglés beach promenade.

Read what happened on a day of food, beach play, and sand castle construction.

 Monday 9 February 2004
  A lunch of delicious chipirones at the Restaurante Las Escaleritas, Maspalomas:

 Tuesday 10 February 2004
  Isaac enjoys a spumoni gelato during a day of feasting:

 Wednesday 11 February 2004
  Room 313 at the Apartamentos Australia, our base camp for the month.

Join us for a walk up and down the Avenida de Alfereces Provisionales.

 Thursday 12 February 2004
  Isaac and some new acquaintances frolic in the Maspalomas surf:

All that and Los Guanches Norteños.

 Friday 13 February 2004
  Lila is two-and-a-half years old today!

No photos due to extenuating circumstances.

 Saturday 14 February 2004
  Paddy Murphy's, Playa del Inglés for breakfast. Isaac engineers a late-night dinner. Stuff in-between. Still no photos.
 Sunday 15 February 2004
  Omi Marga's friend Charlie takes us inland to see a footrace in the very pleasant town of Ingenio. Will extract stills from video.
 Monday 16 February 2004
  Nothing new and notable today; the usual vacation time with children.
 Tuesday 17 February 2004
  PLACEHOLDER until this page is extracted from video.
 Wednesday 18 February 2004
  A day of all sorts of climbing in Maspalomas, including Lila's first attempts at the rope structure:

 Thursday 19 February 2004
  A very rainy day in Playa del Inglés:

 Friday 20 February 2004
  We succumb to mini-golf madness:

 Saturday 21 February 2004
  I couldn't decide whether you wanted to see a picture of me or one from the drag show I went to see with some new acquaintances.

 Sunday 22 February 2004
  The megalomania still reigns: there are so few pictures of the photographer that I'm treating everyone to another view of me. These pictures are as different as, say, night and day. (Ducks the thrown tomatoes.)

 Monday 23 February 2004
  A contemplative moment, considering the Maspalomas Money Blues:

 Tuesday 24 February 2004
  We visit the rather amazing sand dunes of Maspalomas:

Then we head out to the Restaurante Laurentino, San Fernando. Mostly harmless, but you can do better.

 Wednesday 25 February 2004
  We spend much of the day on the Playa del Inglés beach, including a stop at the Burger Treff. Recommended for a lunch snack.

 Thursday 26 February 2004
  We tool around Playa del Inglés in the mini-tren Gran Canaria:

then we dine at the La Cabaña Park, San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Highly recommended!

 Friday 27 February 2004
  It's a day of shopping in the pueblo of San Fernando. First, we head out to Suministros Frutas Y Verduras.

Then we head over to the charcutería.

And what would a visit to the viejo Centro Comercial be without a stop at the Pasteleria Bomboneria San Francisco, San Fernando?

 Saturday 28 February 2004
  A very uneventful day; much ado about nothing.

{glossSub("2004-02 Gran Canaria: Much Ado About Nothing", {imgFileRef("2004-02-28-004.jpg", border:1))}
 Sunday 29 February 2004
  Perhaps the best day we have on this vacation. Perfect weather. Low tide in Maspalomas. Good visit with a sick friend. Excellent time at dinner, with both kids spending quality time with Rainer in his kitchen.

 Monday 1 March 2004
  Today we see some guy in his tree, buy a coconut from a beach vendor, and enjoy crepes in Maspalomas.

 Tuesday 2 March 2004
  Isaac sports a fever, and so we spend the day near home: at the arcade, in the supermercado, and dinner with Gisela & Rainer. Just a feverish day.

 Wednesday 3 March 2004
  2004-03 Gran Canaria: el dia penultimo
 Thursday 5 March 2004
  2004-03 Gran Canaria: back to San Francisco

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