What's New? 2004-10

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What's New? 2004-10

 Sunday 31 October 2004 - Halloween
  Halloween comes to our fair city. We get together with some friends from the pre-school community and walk over to 24th Street, where the merchants have gotten together to offer candy to the very young trick-or-treat'ers. It's a lot of fun, and we're finished about the time the sun goes down.

24th St. trick-or-treat

After dinner, and a trick-or-treat stop by the grandparents, we drive by "the pumpkin house" on Clarendon Street. This modern house comes alive each October with a display of lighted pumpkins. They closed up shop before our late-night arrival, but the pumpkins were still grinning.

the pumpkin house

After we parked the car in the Tropicana we strolled over to the balcony to see the crowds in the Castro. Just then the band started playing beautiful 1920s jazz; it was as though life had a soundtrack. Isaac just didn't want to leave our perch; Lila, asleep on my shoulder, finally tipped our hand and we went home. Happy Halloween!

Castro Street Halloween
 Saturday 30 October 2004
  I love living in a distributed world. I have acquaintences whom I've never known, yet with whom I chat frequently. Here's Gabriel Morales in Miami (at left), with his friends and family, getting ready for Halloween. ¡Hola Gabriel!

Gabriel Morales
 Friday 29 October 2004
  Oh, so many Halloween goings-on! That link will bring you to the day's festivities, both at Lila's pre-school and Isaac's kindergarten. Dziadziu and Zofia attended.

Isaac's pumpkin's front
 Wednesday 27 October 2004

Today was the 2004 Playmates Preschool Pumpkin Festival. With several photos, scary and fun.

 Tuesday 26 October 2004
  Mom & Emil are heading to Roma for a couple of days after a bicycle ride through Tuscany. Here's my email of restaurant recomendations.
 Monday 25 October 2004
  Marc Hanley may be the world's most enthusiastic fan of CU-SeeMe, an Internet videoconferencing technology which dates back to the early 1990s. I wrote a book about it, Internet TV with CU-SeeMe, in 1995. Marc maintains a wonderful site with references, source code, etc. I'm most impressed. These days we stay in touch with Apple iChat AV:

Marc Hanley
 Sunday 24 October 2004
  Lila turned three around Burning Man 2004, and we celebrated at her pre-school. But we didn't get a chance to have the big family celebration until yesterday. Here's Lila's 3rd Birthday Party.

party panorama
 Saturday 23 October 2004
  Lila runs through the kitchen A quick note about the website: I've been working - at home - on a programming project with a co-worker in London. So I've been living on two shifts each day. Up at 0700, work through 1400, sleep to 1700, family time until 2000, sleep to 2300, start on London time, work through 0300, sleep to 0700.

It's made putting effort into this site a bit difficult. But I'm taking pictures frequently, and am back-dating the entries.


Rose and I spent the entire day setting up and running games at Lila's pre-school Harvest Festival.

There was a pretty regular pattern of mist, drizzle, and rain. Nonetheless, and partially due to Gore-Tex, a good time was had by all. In the morning I was doing the Duck Pond, in the afternoon it was the Hidden Treasure (in the sandbox) game.

The kids spent the morning with Bubbie, Zadie, and Pamela, at the preview of the film "The Polar Express". I hear they really loved it.

Site updates: added the year 2004 to the Travel page. A slight oversight :-) And added Burning Man visits to the appropriate years.

 Thursday 21 October 2004
  Today was Isaac's first ride in a yellow school bus. His kindergarten class went to one of our San Francisco pumpkin patches. He didn't want either parent along as a chaparone. He came back as full of excitement as when he spoke to us about it at breakfast this morning. At dinner we got the stories of the ride, the pumpking picking, etc.


Public Gas & Electric is doing work in the neighborhood, and we might lose power, so I'm a few blocks from home, at the Samovar Café. I took along my Apple iSight camera, and via WiFi I'm chatting with Yllona in Los Angeles.

 Wednesday 20 October 2004
  For the second year in a row Lila's pre-school heads to Arata's Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay to celebrate autumn and Halloween.

Lila's wheelbarrow
 Sunday 17 October 2004
  A friend calls Rose to tell us of a "children's fair" in Bernal Heights. So, with Rose feeling very much under the weather, we head over to see what special thrills are in store for us. We even call other friends to all share in the excitement.

Imagine our dissapointment when we discover - after a major effort to find parking - that it's just another of the circuit of street fairs which travel around the city (and the west coast, actually).

Still, the Bernal Heights Street fair did provide some good moments. There was a petting zoo, pony rides, and we got to play in the local playground (in the drizzle).

Lila in petting zoo at Bernal Heights Street fair

Isaac on horseback at Bernal Heights Street fair
 Saturday 16 October 2004
  It's hard enough programming whilst on the telephone, but imagine having an energetic three-year-old pretending to be a bridge upon you.

Lila climbs on the Papa
 Friday 15 October 2004
  It was Sports Day at Isaac's kindergarten. Bubbie, Zadie, Lila, Rose, and I headed over to cheer him on. It was really great: non-competitive, variety, fun, loud, and just enough structure.

Peabody sports day
 Thursday 14 October 2004
  Often I drive Isaac to his kindergarten. Here's the pledge of allegiance, on the playground at 08:45.

Peabody pledge of allegiance
 Wednesday 13 October 2004
  Every once in a while, when the behaviors are really excellent, the kids are allowed to choose a dessert at Krispy Kreme. Here the kids share a chocolate milk:

Isaac & Lila share at Krispy Kreme

The manager seasonally decorates a diaroma. They look really great. Here's his Halloween offering:

Krispy Kreme Halloween
 Tuesday 12 October 2004
  I'm at a pre-school parents meeting. When I get home Rose tells me that Isaac spoke about me:

Isaac: I miss my favorite Papa.

Isaac: I'm hungry for my Papa.

I'm happy to hear it.


We have a new resident in our garden. He's a huge spider, between 1 and 2 inches long, spinning a huge web in the bush by the front door. His web looks really amazing in the dew. I'll try to get a picture of it.



When Isaac had long hair I spent about a half-hour each evening teaking out the tangles. Lila's hair is less fragile, so my attents are needed less often. Still, when it's time, I put a video on my PowerBook and do my best. Here's what we look like after three-quarter hours, at the end of our efforts, just before dinner.

doing Lila's hair
 Monday 11 October 2004
  Eroticon, Warsaw, Poland I love this picture, on so many levels.

This is a photo of a fruit-covered model taken on the first day of the four-day erotic fair "Eroticon" in Warsaw. (Photo courtesy AFP/Wojtek Stein, used without permission.)

This reminds me of the sushi-clad model in a Japanese restaurant about which we recently heard.

 Sunday 10 October 2004
  Thanks to my darling wife, I spent most of today at the Burning Man Decompression. I start a six-hour shift at noon, then head home to pick up my costumed family, and we head back for the twilight and nigthtime goings-on.

 Saturday 9 October 2004
  Aunt Mindy and Uncle Neil invite us to a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. It's the beginning of our exciting season: starts here and includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, the holiday lights and sounds, Chanuakah, New Year's, and .sometimes Sylvestre (if we're with Omi Marga in the Canary Islands"). Here's the panorama of the train at the pumpkin patch across the street.

pumpkin patch train

Pony ride time!

pumpkin patch pony ride


At the end of the day, we still have enough energy to visit the Kaleo Café for some good song and hula, before we head over to the JCC for some Israeli folk dancing

Israeli folk dancing
 Saturday 2 October 2004
  Isaac and Lila love to cook. Isaac leads the way. One of their favorites is swedish pancakes made from scratch. This isn't a quick preparation, but the kids love the result.

my cooking kids

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