What's New? 2008-02-15

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What's New? 2008-02-15

 28 February 2008
  Isaac has another go at Hapkido, following a great interaction with Master Kang while on the set of Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat. We're all pretty pleased about it. Isaac wanted to continue, and he seems to have found a way back in. I hope it works out.

Isaac @ Hapkido
 27 February 2008
  Jolly Roger It was ten years ago today that Steve Jobs killed our beloved Newton.

One of the parents brought a cute puppy to the school today. Lila & Isaac really had laughs playing with it after class let out.

Lila & Isaac w/ puppy

Later, at the dojang, I get to be Isaac's partner for some round-kick practice.

Papa & Isaac @ Hapkido
 24 February 2008
  There was unbelievably high surf today, and so after Hebrew School Lila and I headed down to the beach to marvel at the water crashing against the beach.

Lila high surf Ocean Beach

A close-up of the beautiful ice-plant and grasses on Ocean Beach. I love these colors.

Ice Plant Ocean Beach
 23 February 2008
  We're at the Richmond District Arts Center doing yet another project: house design. Isaac's house has three clear CD jewel boxes as the roof. One of the junior art coördinators just complimented him on his clear exposition about the design: "you're so smart".

Isaac @ Richmond Neighborhood Arts Center

Lila's domicile has her signature rainbow-between-two-clouds design as wallpaper, a pink carpet, and a small clay bird atop. She's got a plan for furniture, but doesn't

Lila @ Richmond Neighborhood Arts Center

Isaac at the Randall Museum Train Club, with (from left) Big John and Mike.

Isaac @ Randall Museum Train Club

Big Mike and Isaac control pretty darn near everything from the central station.

Isaac @ Randall Museum Train Club

Isaac has been coming to this train club since he was a wee baby, and now that he's on the cusp of helping out he's besides himself with glee. We're all thrilled to have this happen.


Richard Stallman, better known in the open-source software world as RMS, has announced he's ready to pass on the mantle of maintainer of the GNU Emacs text editor (which he created a generation ago). RMS and I shared many a Thursday night dinner at Pearl's, in Cambridge's Central Square, as part of the MIT Artificial Intelligence "Kabuki dining club".

On Slashdot someone commented on the timing of RMS stepping down just after Fidel Castro's retirement:

Of course any comparisons between the two men are absurd. One's a bearded, long-winded Communist dictator who tolerates no dissent; the other one speaks Spanish.
Too funny.
 22 February 2008
  After a job interview I meet up with a friend at a near-by café, whereupon he hands me a badge to the Game Developers Conference and suggests I swing on by and check it out. It was interesting, and would have been better if I'd known ahead of time and brought along a bunch of résumés, but there was some interesting technology to see.

Game Developers Conference, Moscone

This is a motion-capture suit with each LED broadcasting a unique ID so there's no marker-switching problems.

 20 February 2008
  iPhone #4. Sometimes the replacements just aren't better than the borked phone.

More ballet class:

Lila's ballet class

 19 February 2008
  Isaac has been home due to a wee cold. Right after school Lila joins him in watching a soothing video.

illness-reducing video

Later in the evening I spend a bit of time checking out a friend's MacBook, which was having some spectacularly underwhelming issues. Here's DiskWarrior reporting almost 300 bad blocks on the hard drive.

disk errors

The drive was swapped out the very next day by the nice people at the Stonestown Apple Store. I'd just returned from there with my third iPhone replacement.

The kids play a game of "Tumble".

 16 February 2008
  During the one year anniversary reöpening celebrate at the West Portal branch of the public library the kids got to help with a magic show, first Lila...

Lila @ magic show

... and then Isaac...

Isaac @ magic show

Back at the dojang, during a break in the filming of Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat, Isaac holds the bag for Lila's practice attack.


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