Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat

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Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat

In 2007-2008 I had the priviledge of seeing - close-up - a movie being made.

Jino Kang, the principal of our Hapkido dojang, decided to film a successor to the 2002 film Blade Warrior. I helped out wherever I could, spending a good amount of time with Director of Photography Kurt Nangle, crawling through cars to wire them for lights and sound, setting up and tearing down, and getting the good coffee when most necessary :-) Never underestimate the power of good coffee.

Anyway, this is just a place-holder. The official website for the movie Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat, is at


I'm setting up a small blog about the filming of the film, which you will be able to find over there. Enjoy.

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