What's New? 2008-01-01

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What's New? 2008-01-01

 21 January 2008
  It's early in the morning, and for some reason we're around the corner at Orphan Andy's restaurant. The kids are just groovin' on the chocolate chip pancakes.

Orphan Andy's restaurant

We've picked up some gingerbread items for the kids to assemble; Isaac gets a train and Lila a house.

gingerbread to assemble
 20 January 2008
  Rose at May's Coffee Shop, where they've changed owner from sister to brother, simplified the menu, removed our favorite items; meh.

Rose at May's Coffee Shop
 19 January 2008
  Cousins Matthew and Jessica invited Isaac and Lila to the Chabot Space & Science Center in near-by Oakland, so here we are! Isaac is practicing his space-walking skills.

Chabot Space & Science Center

Lila is trying on a Mercury space capsule (replica) on for size. She approves.

Chabot Space & Science Center
 15 January 2008
  Back at an open Macworld Expo, just after Steve Jobs' keynote, is Ranger Lefty with the MacBook Air.

Lefty with MacBook Air

It's in impressively thin bit of engineering, but no wired Ethernet? No optical drive without a near-by computer? That makes it a fashionable office acoutremont, not a serious primary computer. Not that there's anything wrong with that :-)

 14 January 2008
  I head downtown to the George Moscone Convention Center to pick up my Macworld Expo badges. Some posters have just been hoisted, all bearing the new tagline "There's something in the air". Tantalizing! WiMax, perhaps?

Macworld Expo poster: There's something in the air.

Closer to home, they're repainting the Castro Theater to look as it did during the life of Harvey Mlik (who was killed along with George Moscone). They're filming "Milk", the movie.

repainting the Castro Theater for Milk, the movie
 13 January 2008
  Now here's something you don't see often enough: a taxi getting a ticket.

taxi gets a ticket

Lila and I are having breakfast at Orphan Andy's, with Woody looking on.

Lila & Woody in Orphan Andy's

Here's a picture of Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. This is a screen capture from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD. Lila absolutely wanted to remember this outfit; I suspect she wants to replicate it for an upcoming fancy event.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
 12 January 2008
  After a delicious breakfast at The Fiddler's Green we head over to Aquatic Park to play in the very cold surf. That's the Balclutha in the background, where a monthly sea chantey sing-along enraptures us.


They're rebuilding Ghirardelli Square, where we stop for some hot cocoa. Isaac is just amazing with the balancing and the twirling.

Ghirardelli Square

Isaac, Dziadziu, Analie, and Felicia at the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park.

Isaac, Dziadziu, Analie, and Felicia
 11 January 2008
  A quick rendezvous at Naan & Curry, in the Inner Sunset, San Francisco.

Naan & Curry
 10 January 2008
  Some of the kids' teachers during morning intake. The one on the left has been quoted in The New York Times Magazine, the one on the right helps out with the physical education program.

elementary school teachers

Somehow we find ourselves at Chevy's Mexican restaurant at the Stonestown Mall. That's Isaac on the left, mesmerized by the tortilla machine.


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