What's New? 2008-01-21

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What's New? 2008-01-21

 28 January 2008
  We celebrate the Asian New Year just a wee bit early at the The Taipei Restaurant. Mmmm, crispy duck.

The Taipei Restaurant
 30 January 2008
  I get to go on a field trip with Lila's class to see Jack & The Beanstalk at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Jack & The Beanstalk

Here's Lila and Romeo on the way back to the bus stop. Eight pairs of kids; none lost.

Lila and Romeo

The kids' school is really big on compost management, a role doled out as a reward, along with the official apron.

Isaac, compost manager
 28 January 2008
  Lila's gingerbread house: a last look as the nibbling continues. Today's item of note are the villagers at right and the candy cane as the door lintel.

Lila's gingerbread house

Putting the finishing touches on Lila's gingerbread house.

Lila's gingerbread house
 27 January 2008
  Back to Hapkido; it's been a while since we've graced the mats.

Lila, as a reward for staying put one day when she got a bit lost, picked this very pink Disney princess alarm clock.

Lila's Disney princess alarm clock

Post-trip re-assembly of a track layout on Isaac's train table.

Isaac's train table

Isaac's gingerbread train: another look. Check out the professional job with the locomotive wheels!

Isaac's gingerbread train: another look

We've finished assembling the fuselage of Isaac's plastic model airplane.

Isaac's plastic model airplane
 26 January 2008
  It's a Saturday morning, and I'm at yet another San Francisco Unified School District Student Site Council district-wide get-together. Here's the view from one of the classrooms, as I sit in on a presentation.

Student Site Council district-wide get-together
 24 January 2008
  Lila misses Gisela & Rainer's restaurant in Gran Canaria. She secretly set up her kitchen, tore paper into brown bits, pretended to sautée the cordon bleu, grabbed the yellow paper, put it to the saucepan (as seen here) and yelled out "big flame"!

big flame!
 23 January 2008
  Here's a face you might remember from Italia: Devin McKinney. He's back in San Francisco. Here we're having lunch on Belden Place, at B22. Mmmm, paella.

Devin McKinney

This evening is the school fundraiser at Chevy's Mexican restaurant. The school gets a cut of the evening's take, which seems to work out well for all. Here Isaac has an audience for his iPhone.

Isaac @ Chevy's

Lila and Sebby discuss the finer points of My Little Pony, it seems.

Lila & Seb @ Chevy's

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