What's New? 2008-02-01

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What's New? 2008-02-01

 15 February 2008
  While I was at home job-hunting Isaac took some photos of Lila at her ballet class.

Lila's ballet class

This is the first time she's been properly outfitted with tights, shoes, and a tutu.

Lila's ballet class

Thank you so very much, Isaac, for keeping me (virtually) right there!

Later that evening Isaac takes a photo of the fish at the Taipei Restaurant (in the Lakeshore neighborhood).

 14 February 2008 - Valentine's Day
  Rose adorns our Valentine's Day breakfast plates with heart-shaped bread covered with chocolate-hazelnut spread, kiki, and mandarin oranges. Mmmmmm.

breakfast tableaux

At the kids' school it's evidently asphalt hockey day. Here Lila waits for the puck to head her way.

asphalt hockey

Isaac races down the field toward the garbage can goal, ready for the slap-shot.

asphalt hockey

Lila & Eugenia in line, waiting their turn.

asphalt hockey

Hey, no high-sticking! That's Isaac in the green, Lila in the pink.

asphalt hockey
 13 February 2008
  Lila at ballet class.

Lila @ ballet class
 12 February 2008
  Lila's turn for a field trip, this time to a presentation by the San Francisco Orchestra.

Lila @ music show
 11 February 2008
  After many years of Angelina Ballerina Lila attends her first ballet class. It's a bit of a sprint across town, but we make it with a few minutes to spare.

Lila's first ballet class

Lila seems to be the only child with any martial arts experience, which seems to be helping her pick up the basics very quickly. After class she asks "is this all there is?" but decides to return to give it another go.

Lila's first ballet class
 10 February 2008
  We head into Golden Gate Park to visit with the cousins. Here's Isaac on the very high-speed slide at the Children's Playground.

Isaac @ Children's Playground, GGPark

Afterwards we dine in the newly-opened Pacific Catch restuarant at the corner of Lincoln and 9th. Here's Adam, Analie, Felicia, and Dziadziu, post-ordering. (The food was pretty good. The Hawai'ian poke salad was actually pretty pleasing, despite the tourist vibe of the place. Cautiously recommended.

Adam, Analie, Felicia, Dziadziu
 9 February 2008
  Isaac: Here is my plant. It has grown super tall! It is 6 inches tall & 1/3 inches long! I hope you like the picture of my plant.

Isaac's plant

Today we went to the Bernal Heights library closing party, a panorama of which is shown here. Sadly, our friends, who live near-by, weren't able to join us. The kids painted cloth bags (we're über-green here) and snacked on all sorts of savory and sweet goodies, and a good time was had by all.

Bernal Heights library closing party

My Mom was a teacher of French, German, and ESL. One of her running jokes was intentionally misusing the word "peanuts" for the French term prix fixe (fixed price), as she'd heard one of her students do many years before. So it was with some glee that I noticed this egregious mistake in a menu posted in a café window as I was strolling the neighborhood:

prefix != prix fixe

Isaac takes a photo of one of his goldfish.

Isaac's fish tank
 7 February 2008
  Lila & Isaac redeem one of their rewards for a summer of industrious reading: tickets to the Aquarium of the Bay. They petted damn near everything in this tide pool before they were done!

Aquarium of the Bay

On the slidewalk they check out the sea-life swimming around them.

Aquarium of the Bay
 2 February 2008
  Isaac took this photo of my Apple G4 PowerBook. It's about two-and-a-half years old. I'm waiting for the Penryn Intel updates to the MacBook Pro, due any day now, before upgrading. My rule of thumb is to wait until performance doubles; this jump, from PowerPC to Intel, will be much more than that. I can hardly wait.

Apple G4 PowerBook
 1 February 2008
  From the public library, one of his recent favorite haunts, Isaac got a book about braiding hair for Lila. She asked me to apply this six-braid style this morning.

Lila's six braids

Unfortunately, it was a bit too tight and it bothered her all day. These photo was taken at days end, when Lila wanted nothing more than to be rid of it all.

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