What's New? 2008-03-01

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What's New? 2008-03-01

 21 March 2008
  Isaac and Eugenia play basketball on their school playground. Lots of enthusiasm all around. It's amazing what a well-stocked school sports program can do!

Isaac and Eugenia play basketball
 20 March 2008
  I've been spending a lot of time at Le Bon Port Café in the Castro. Here's a panorama, looking out from the back towards Castro Street. They were having issues with their Wi-Fi, mostly due from 2wire and AT&T being unable to figure out a way of getting the latest drivers to customers. What, you say, most places happily provide their drivers freely on the Internet? Yep, but not these two titans of stupidity.

Le Bon Port Café
 19 March 2008
  At the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club, at the Randall Museum, Lila and Rose are busily working on scenery, bringing it into character for faux cities in California's central valley.

Golden Gate Model Railroad Club

Isaac, Jamar, and John at the helm of the Railroad Club.

Golden Gate Model Railroad Club
 18 March 2008
  It's everyone's first look at the result of this semester's Beautification Day; the heavy yellow-orange stripe around the school with the rainbow is new, and much more that doesn't appear in this photo.

school paint job
 17 March 2008
  It's Purim at the kids' Hebrew School. Here the audience, at right, watches the tradition remembrance play, at left, put on by the older kids.


With a little work by Isaac and me, the video is running, and everyone stops to watch some appropriate stuff on the big screen.


Lila is dressed up as a little princess; Isaac is just super(kid).

Purim: kids dressed up

The kids some games. Here Lila is playing a toss game; the kids at the back are doing some bowling game.


Purim: Yaffa (the school director) & Isaac blow bubbles outside, in the play-yard.

Purim: Yaffa & Isaac blow bubbles

We had down the peninsula to see European 'HO' trains at the Heller Aviation Museum, in San Mateo. Here are some Swiss trolleys, complete with working pantograph. Some of the trains have interior lighting and people; very, very cool!

European trains @ Heller Aviation Museum

Here's Isaac checking out the European train layout while Dieter goes off to fix a problem. They're only at the Heller for a few weekends this year and surely we'll be back when they return.

European trains @ Heller Aviation Museum

John, of the GGMRC, has invited us over to his place to check out his train layout. Isaac loves it! We wind up buying those trains that he's playing with, the Daylighter.

John's home train layout
 15 March 2008
  We're here at the GGMRC, looking at a train's eye-view of the track.

GGMRC: view from the monitor

It turns out that it's Isaac driving that train; the controller is in his hand.

GGMRC: Isaac drives

It's a full moon over San Francisco. It looked better in person.

full moon over San Francisco
 14 March 2008
  Can you see the sparkles in Isaac's brand-new retainer? The cool neon-green plastic is pretty cool.

Isaac's brand-new retainer
 13 March 2008
  Pamela and Alan have come to visit from Roswell, NM, and we celebrate! Pamela did most of the catering, picking the cake and a bunch of cookies. The kids intently watch the cutting...

Pamela & Alan
 12 March 2008
  We celebrate Dziadziu's birthday at the Taipei Restaurant, on Ocean Avenue. (The crispy duck is a favorite.) You can see cousin Ziggy at left, and Isaac holding new cousin Analie. That's Felicia with the ponytail.

Dziadziu's birthday

Dziadziu shows off one of his gifts, a frame with all four grand-kids pictured. Felica rules! It's Lila's turn with Analie while the boys compare Pokemon cards.

Dziadziu's birthday

The restaurant staff sings Happy Birthday to Dziadziu (in English; I was hoping for Cantonese).

Dziadziu's birthday
 11 March 2008
  Here's Lila in character, showing off her Leopard pajamas. Grrrrr.

Lila's leopard PJ
 10 March 2008
  I beautiful sunset as seen from Irving Street; that's Tart to Tart at left, Naan 'n Curry hidden at right.

Irving St. sunset
 8 March 2008
  Lila, at Hapkido, doing a bit of ground-fighting exercise.

Lila @ Hapkido

Isaac, at the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club (GGMRC) at the Randall Museum.

GGMRC: Isaac & Vern

Pondering the zen of the rails, Isaac becomes one with the layout.

 5 March 2008
  One of the kids took this photograph of our refrigerator, layered with pertinent papers (Rose's) and magnets (harvested from old hard drives).

our refrigerator
 3 March 2008
  Isaac back at Hapkido, showing off his most excellent from.

Isaac @ Hapkido

Lila practices her outside axe kick. Fearsome. It won't be long until we're taking the red-black belt test.

Lila @ Hapkido

Lila's self-portrait at the Hapkido dojang.

Lila's self-portrait @ Hapkido
 1 March 2008
  Isaac watches the goings-on at the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club. That's Michael and Vern at the helm.

GGMRC: Isaac

Near the roundhouse, Isaac checks out the passing train.

Lila & Isaac chose a week-end breakfast at near-by Orphan Andy's restaurant, in the Castro.

Lila & Isaac @ Orphan Andy's

Amtrak Superliner Diesel at the Randall Museum Train Club.

Amtrak Superliner Diesel

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