What's New? 2008-03-22

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What's New? 2008-03-22

 31 March 2008
  Every once in a while, when the behavior has been excellent, Isaac gets his wish of a "BART day". Today, because Rose is busy with her parents, Lila comes along. We start off the morning, after breakfast, boarding MUNI at the Castro Station.

MUNI Castro Station

At San Francisco International Airport (SFO) the kids ride the Airtrain (both lines, both directions) after Papa gets a great coffee downstairs at Emporio Rulio.

SFO Airtrain

Isaac, wearing his London Underground tee-shirt, pushes Lila the reader through the terminals on a luggage trolley.

Isaac pushes Lila

Back in the city, at the in-laws' house, Zadie presents Isaac with a gift of a Alaska train set (that Mike the train guy discovered at the hobby shop).

Zadie gives Isaac a gift

I took this photo of their house to play with possible paint colors; note the under-coat already applied. Unfortunately, that didn't come to pass because the painter will be back tomorrow morning for a decision (and I still need to spend a few hours getting the kids to bed).

 30 March 2008
  Lila choose to have breakfast at Orphan Andy's, in the Castro. Mmmm, love it.

Lila @ Orphan Andy's

The kids have asked for Papa to teach them sewing; they saw me heming our Hapkido gis. So while Isaac is doing train stuff Lila and I walk over the hill into the Haight-Ashbury to pick up some cloth. Back home, I pull out the Singer 33, let the kids help with the threading, bobbin filling, and using the pedal to run the thing. No fingers were lost.

sewing pano

Up at the Corona Heights playground Isaac makes friends with a parrot.

Isaac w/ parrot
 29 March 2008
  Lila wakes up early this morning, wakes me, and asks to play El Mercado. We're learning lots of Spanish vocabulary that we don't use during our travels.

El Mercado

At the Randall Museum, Lila reads to another sibling of a train fan. Lila has been telling us "I'm such a reader; I can't help it, I just can't stop." With her reading in the car, at every break, and out loud to Rose and me, she reminds me of nobody more than myself.

Lila reads at GGMRC

Members of the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club: (from left) Mike, Ricky, John, and Isaac (weilding the controller).

Isaac drives at GGMRC

Me, at the People's Café, taken by Lila.

Me at People's Café
 28 March 2008
  Oh, no! The Ekornes Stressless recliner, the cornerstone of my home office, breaks at the base. It's an ugly break, not leaving much metal to epoxy or weld. (The Ekornes people are worse than useless; I suspect none of them were born when this 1970s chair was made.) With no good ideas of my own, I turn to the Burning Man Black Rock Rangers email-list. I get lots of suggestions, and one offer to actually try the welding. Ranger TwinJammer comes by the house to pick up the chair; we'll see how it actually turns out.

broken Ekornes Stressless recliner base

After Family Folk Dancing we meet up with old friends at a Moroccan restaurant around the corner, somewhere near Clement Street at 30th Avenue. From left, there's Lila, Hiromi (from Playmates pre-school), Tobias, Isaac (blue shirt, mostly hidden), Roya, Roya's new baby, and Rose. Cary and I are nowhere to be seen, taking the photos.

Moroccan restaurant

Each table prepares for food with a server pouring water over their hands.

Moroccan restaurant

Before dessert a belly dancer went between the tables. Lila decided "it's too romantic" all that bared flesh. She was fascinated. "Isn't she embarassed that everyone sees her belly button?"

belly dancer at Moroccan restaurant
 27 March 2008
  Lila pushes Isaac on a swing at Julias Kahn playground. Isaac's enjoying it.

Lila pushes Isaac on a swing at Julias Kahn playground
 26 March 2008
  During a work day at the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club (GGMRC) Lila and Rose works on the scenery.

Lila does scenery
 25 March 2008
  Rose takes the kids to Zeum and near-by playground (while I'm at a job interview in their neighborhood).

Lila gets dressed up as a princess or Snow White.

Lila @ Zeum

Isaac is the Tin Man.

Isaac @ Zeum

I catch up tho the family around dusk (I didn't get the job despite a full-day, 9-person interview) and we head out to Buca di Beppo for some Italian food. The kids love the art tossed all over the walls; the food too.

Buca de Beppo

Isaac's self-portrait. He grooves on the iPhone, and has been teaching adults how to use them.

Isaac's self-portrait

Isaac uses the iPhone Pirate application to put a beard and parrot onto Rose.

iPhone Pirate portait
 24 March 2008
  At Tart to Tart Dziadziu checks out the milk while Lila and Isaac clamber all over Rose.

Tart to Tart
 23 March 2008
  Lila has decided that she wants to help wash my car. Afterwards, with the convertible down, Lila clambers all over.

Lila climbs on my car
 22 March 2008
  It's buddy day at the dojang; Hapkido for everyone! The kids have invited some of their school chums over but none have as yet shown up. So we're enjoying watching the lower belt ranks having fun.

Hapkido dojang; buddy day

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