What's New? 2006-02-16

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What's New? 2006-02-16

 Tuesday 28 February 2006
  It's art class after school; today it's still life of vegetables. Isaac shows off his bak choy inspiration:

Isaac's bak choy still art

Here Zy and Isaac show what one can do when the drawing is done.

Isaac & Zy show off their snack/art

After art we head over to the dojang. Isaac - and I - get stripes today. Pre-test week is going well. Will we have the total number of stripes needed for testing this coming Friday?

 Monday 27 February 2006
  Lila gets the first belt stripe of anyone in the family! At Hapkido she gets the brown (spirit) stripe taped to her white belt. Way to go, powerhouse! Lila also has been strolling around the house chanting the Hapkido Creed and, when unexpected, yelling "knifehand" and attacking me. (I feel like Inspector Clouseau, being attacked by his valet, Cato.)

Afterwards we head over to Bursa Kabab, in West Portal, for a warm and tasty dinner. Isaac wants to do schoolwork, so - with the staff's permission - he heads over to the gas fireplace.

Isaac enjoys fireplace at Bursa Kabab, West Portal

If I haven't mentioned the ceaseless rain it's because it's become a boring topic in our daily conversation. The kids adapt with a wide range of cheap umbrellas Rose finds at the Chinese import shops near Isaac's school.

Lila & Isaac adapt to the rain
 Friday 24 February 2006
  It's time for our monthly fix of family folk dancing! Here the exuberance that is our kids is integral to the event, rather than a distraction (as it is from the Israeli folk dancing to which we used to take them).

family folk-dancing

Isaac and Fresia: inseperable, month after month. Ahhhh, young love!

Isaac and Fresia at family folk-dancing
 Thursday 23 February 2006
  Rose takes a photo of me sitting in seiza at Hapkido.

Rose: Papa in seiza at Hapkido

Afterwards we head over to the brand new Hawai'ian restaurant at the corner of 19th Avenue and Taraval. The kids love it, but a fellow Hapkidoka characterizes it as "ghetto Hawai'ian". 's okay.

Taraval @ 19th Ave. Hawai'ian restaurant pano
 Wednesday 22 February 2006
  Lila and Brianna at Hapkido. This is turning into quite a social event.

Lila & Brianna at Hapkido

Sometimes a really big hig is exactly what's called for!

Lila & Papa at Hapkido

The crash pad - a mat used for practicing mid-air falls - is used even when it's propped up against a wall.

Lila & upside-down Isaac at Hapkido
 Tuesday 21 February 2006
  Jefro, a co-worker (up in Mendicino, although he's in Ashland, Oregon, at the moment), says that we technical writers are "typochondriacs". This I'll have to remember.
 Monday 20 February 2006 - Presidents Day
  With Mindy & Neil & Jessica & Matthew we spend a beautifully sunny day at the Bay Area Children's Museum, under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was tank top weather, with a chill in the shade. Cousins Jessica and Matthew do a lot of walking and exploring around the campus. Chinese lion dancers, complete with drummers and cymbals, complete the day.

Neil & Mindy change diapers at Discovery Museum
 Sunday 19 February 2006
  I experiment with the Palm Treo 600 built-in camera: in some instances things look quite adequate...

bird of paradise

...and at other times the color-shifts can be frightening!

purple phone-cam kids

We celebrate brother-in-law Neil's 40th birthday at a brunch buffet near SFO airport. A really grand time was had by all, from 4 to 80 years. Good food, good company, good location; airplanes landing overhead is always a good entertainment for kids.

Neil's 40th birthday

On the ride home Isaac does some parental portraits. Is that how he sees us?

Isaac does parental portraits
 Sunday 19 February 2006
  Our neighbor, Gabriel, has joined our Hapkido dojang! It's great to see another face we already know.

Gabriel at Hapkido
 Thursday 16 February 2006
  Lila insists that we do the second class of the day today, so by the time I get everyone to bed I'm exhausted and sore from repeated high-speed punches (something I don't get to do much in the real world). Owwwww. Just when I thought all my other muscles had adjusted to the baseline Hapkido stresses :-)

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