What's New? 2006-01-16

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What's New? 2006-01-16

 Saturday 28 January 2006
  We start the morning with a bit of creativity: Isaac is experimenting with egg-carton menorahs. I think we'll have to get some kid-friendly paint for his creations.

Isaac's egg-carton menorah

The Collingwood Rec Center in the Castro is re-opening after over two years and $100 million. To go from a rec center to a rec center. Really. It's scandalous. We're excited to have it open again, and we head out to the official opening. (Isaac really loves the idea of an official opening.) Here's a woman dressed as Ariel the mermaid, doing face-painting on the kids.

Collingwood re-opens: mermaid

Isaac's chosen pattern:

Collingwood re-opens: Isaac's face-paint


Collingwood re-opens: Lila's face-paint
 Thursday 26 January 2006
  Happy Birthday, Rose! This year we have a quiet celebration, as per your request.
 Wednesday 25 January 2006
  Isaac's class is given a pizza party in honor of theirs being the class with the best sales of holiday fund-raising wrapping paper.
 Tuesday 24 January 2006
  I love spending time at Isaac's school. At least once each semester I try to spend a whole day there, from start to finish, to grok the goings-on. Lately I've also been coming to the Tuesday afternoon art class, to smooth out what was a rocky start. Here's Isaac, Zy, and Kayla; collages. Next week it's clay.

Isaac, Zy, & Kayla at art class
 Monday 23 January 2006
  At the far end of Church Street is the Noe Rec Center, at which the kids have played since they were babies. After school we all head on over. I don't know why the kids look so wooden in this photo, but it's how they were posing (repeatedly). Hey, it's better than ugly face :-)

Noe Rec Center

Isaac got a chance to drive this boy's car: a coup it was. Others gaped at his good fortune. Luckily I wasn't asked to buy one for home use.

Noe Rec Center
 Sunday 22 January 2006
  The kids love borrowing my Palm Treo 600 phone to take pictures while they run wildly around the house, cackling and screaming with joy. Here's Lila's view of her brother,

Isaac's tee-shirt

and his view of her. The phone hasn't been broken (or even dropped by them) yet.

Lila's doll
 Saturday 21 January 2006
  I have no idea how I got this photo of Rose and Lila on Twin Peaks, nor who the others are. So, so strange.

Rose & Lila on Twin Peaks

The Chinese New Year approaches, and today we're going to enjoy the lion dancers. They spend the few weekends before the event doing shows at our public libraries, one show per hour, each at another site. No wonder they're exhausted.

Chinese lion dancer

I won't even pretend to remember the back-story on the colors of the lions, save to say there is a story, and it was charmingly told to us. I do remember the mirror placed on the forehead: to horrify evil with its reflection.

Chinese lion dancer

Afterwards we ventured into the library to enjoy a new set of books. Both kids took some time "playing" with some educational video games. This is almost their first time - Isaac had a few moments at another branch last week and both tried video games at Tamara's last month. I still prefer that they read and play.

public library
 Thursday 19 January 2006
  At least once each semester I try to spend an entire day at Isaac's school. Having secured permission of the principal and teachers, I scheduled today as that day.

We start first thing in the morning, arriving in time to play in the yard for a bit. Lila shows off her newly-minted skill at climbing.

Lila climbs

Then the hand bell is rung, we line up, and with Ms. Chan (at left) supervising we head to the room.

Ms. Chan walks us to the classroom

This week Isaac holds the exalted position of chair monitor (along with Angus, IIRC). As the class is unpacking their things he makes sure the chairs (at least) are ready.

Isaac, chair monitor

Today, being Tuesday, it's time for dance and movement class. It's great fun; all sorts of mimicing and improvisational movements.

George Peabody dance class

Here's the dance teacher, in her signature pose. The kids are really thrilled with her class, and linger with thanks as they go.

dance teacher

After lunch Isaac leads a game of 'hotel', whereby the kids spread their jackets on a bench (hotel rooms) and make elaborate scenarios for day trips, taking care of babies, etc. He's really in his element here.

Isaac leads 'hotel' game at lunch

Time for some heads-down work time.

Isaac's class

The class takes turns giving presentations. Isaac happened to be one of those sharing today.

Isaac reads

At day's end the chair monitor makes sure all are up, ready for the janitor's attentions.

chairs up!

Part of a class project - Isaac's new year's resolution: I will try my best to play with my sister every day.

Isaac's new year's resolution
 Wednesday 18 January 2006
  Early last year I bought (via Craigslist) a leather recliner from a woman heading to Italy. It's amazing. Comfortable, it makes the home office complete. The kids love to share it with me; many evenings Lila falls asleep on me while we read books. It's rare for us to enjoy an afternoon nap, but today Lila crashed and when I woke I took this photo. Rose supervises from the nook window.

Lila sleeps in my office chair
 Tuesday 17 January 2006
  I recently bought a wireless router (via eBay). I just realized that the seller clipped the UPC, perhaps to get a rebate. I'm not so happy about this.

router box sans UPC

Lila is a foodie in her father's image, so veggies are a challenge. But today it's kiwi fruit.

Lila feasts on kiwi fruit
 Monday 16 January 2006
  Lila has a bunch of dolls, Isaac one or two. Given a chance for some special presents on the occasion of good behavior (plus Toys 'R Us going out of business in San Francisco (and Colma)) they pick matching dolls. Here's everyone at the eating nook, complete with dolls in high chairs.

the kids with their new dolls

A close-up of the happy father.

Isaac and new doll

Lila got the idea to make 'ugly face' in response to my camera. I have quite a collection.

Lila makes 'ugly face'

Rose appreciates Lila's silly faces.

Rose laughs

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