What's New? 2008-12-01

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What's New? 2008-12-01

 4 December 2008
  Me: Honey, please hold still a moment so I can get a picture of you trying on cold-weather clothes.
Rose: Huh? What?
Me: Yeaaaaah, that'll work :-)

Rose, the blur

Many, many years ago I used to lug a Toshiba "portable" two blocks from my Waller Street digs to The People's Café. I wrote a scathing article (online, in the nascent days of the web) about the poor engineering which caused me to undo 17 screws to get at the hard drive. (That must have been about 1994-5, judging from this ECIFFO interview, in which I'm using my first Apple laptop, the "PowerBook 170".)

Well, fifteen years later I'm forced to undo 21 screws to get at the hard drive of my MacBook Pro. What a shameful bit of engineering design fail.

Apple MacBook Pro FAIL - too many screws

MILK, the movie, has opened at the near-by Castro Theater. I hear it was quite a mob scene, full of joy and sadness.

MILK - the movie - Castro Theater

Shabbos candle-lighting with Bubbie.

Sabbath candle-lighting
 3 December 2008
  Ahhh, the holiday season is in full swing. While some places tossed out their Christmas decorations the day *before* Thanksgiving, more restrained places waited until the beginning of the month. Here's a café in which I work some days. The coffee is great and the Wi-Fi is wide.

café Christmas tree

A dearth of volunteers has us signing up for the spaghetti dinner fund-raiser, but when we arrive we see it's fully-staffed. We had a (real) chef on hand to make an awesome Caesar-like salad dressing.

spaghetti dinner fund-raiser

Zofia, Rose, and Dad peruse the pickings at the school book fair fund-raiser.

school book fair

At long last, at the appointed time, we have our turn at dinner. Bubbie's arrived, and Isaac takes our new cheapie point-and-shoot camera out for a spin. I just replaced the batteries on my Yema «Bipôle Duopoly» wristwatch... reasonably indestructable but dependent upon batteries; so close :-/

school spaghetti dinner

A composition entitled night-time on the play structure, taken without flash or tripod.

night-time on the play structure
 2 December 2008
  My PowerBook is still getting lots of use. Here's Isaac using it to typewrite his homework assignments and then print them wirelessly to the printer we got free with my recent MacBook Pro purchase.

Isaac with PowerBook

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