What's New? 2008-11-14

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What's New? 2008-11-14

 23 November 2008
  Isaac reminds me that one transformer has a broken wire, so a few tools later we've got things running again. (This is in the kids' bedroom, at the very back of the house.)

Isaac & trains
 22 November 2008
  The morning after the kids' sleep-over Lila & Jeddy meet again, at the temple. Lila loves getting dressed up for get-togethers. That's Kitty on the ground behind her, and my copy of Neal Stephenson's Anathem on the chair.

Lila & Jeddy at the temple
 20 November 2008
  What I like best about my chosen lifestyle, the road warrior technomad, is being able to work via Wi-Fi at a cafe near-by. Just a pure joy. Here's my car in front of Café la Flore, in the Richmond.

Cafe la Flore, San Francisco
 18 November 2008
  Isaac's built a model R. M. S. Titanic model - not yet painted - and narrated a complete story of its final hours. I'll try to put together the audio recording I did with Isaac's screen-shots.

Isaac' Titanic model

At near-by Harvest Market I'm examining our soup choices: dinner includes an Indian-spiced soup and some artisnal cheeses and bread I picked up at the Ferry Bldg., post-run.

Mickey buys soup

On the way home we find this amusing license plate: SS MINOH.

 17 November 2008
  Instead of running up through the Twin Peaks hill area, today I run the flats from the Castro to the Ferry Building, as far east as once gets in San Francisco.

Mickey @ Ferry Bldg

The interior of the Ferry Bldg. is now a (faux) gourmet eatery. It's a real joy to stroll on through, taste, and decide upon a mid-day meal. It reminds me just a bit of London's Victoria Station (but there's far less Indian curry pasties, sadly).

Ferry Bldg interior
 16 November 2008
  Lila singing at Hebrew school, with peers and teacher Shoshanna.

Lila at Hebrew school

Isaac at a near-by hobby shop, buying a model R. M. S. Titanic. This used to have a huge trains section, and in fact we came here for some nickel train track, but that's all gone now. Lots of beads and crochet gear, though.

Isaac at hobby shop

Lila & Rose at Naan 'n Curry, one of our favorite restaurants anywhere. Lila is chowing down on chicken tikka marsala, which can be a wee bit spicy, with a side order of sliced tomatoes. Rose is so cold that she's actually having marsala tea, which some call chai. The chai is sooooooo tasty here.

Lila & Rose at Naan 'n Curry

Lila wants you all to know that her grown-up teeth are coming in. I call her "pumpkin-head".

Lila, pumpkinhead
 15 November 2008
  It's a seasonably toasty day here in beautiful San Francisco. I'm underground at the GGMRC but everybody else is out and about enjoying the weather. Sigh. We have much planned for the rest of the day, so it's all good.

GGMRC: Isaac & Mike

Eric's helping out with the trains, while a member of the public looks on.


At home the Halloween pumpkins have finally succumbed to inevitable colonization by bacteria: they went from pretty to pretty horrible very quickly. Into the green compost bin they go!

moldy pumpkins

We're on our way to visit friends in the East Bay, atop the Pedmont hills. Lila picks a very good time to take a envigorating nap.

Lila, asleep, on the Bay Bridge

Isaac, on the other hand, takes this time to fly the toy plane given to him by my late mother. It's become an even more prized posession as time goes by.

Isaac, flying a plane across the Bay Bridge

My lovely Rose takes the camera and snaps a picture of me.

Mickey, driving across the Bay Bridge
 14 November 2008
  run to cadence Today I jogged four miles, from home to the Hapkido dojo.

It's been about fifteen years since I did any jogging at all, so my body noticed :-) Mostly the calf and thighs, because the first mile is all uphill, a steep uphill, skirting Twin Peaks.

I found some of the "Run to Cadence" CDs, featuring the same military jolies to which I ran during my time at Ft. Bragg and Ft. Wood. Airborne! All the way!

Here's the dusk view from Clarendon Street, just past Twin Peaks Boulevard.

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