What's New? 2009-01-01

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What's New? 2009-01-01

 20 January 2009
 19 January 2009
 17 January 2009
 16 January 2009
  We're back at the GGMRC; Isaac is running Junior Engineer Day whilst the adult members are lunching in the back.

GGMRC: panorama
 15 January 2009
  Bad: my frayed MacBook Pro power adapter, which has been scaring me for the entirety of our recent trip. Good: AppleCare takes care of it, at the Stonestown Mall Apple Store; thanks Max.

frayed MacBook Pro power adapter
 14 January 2009
  I've been reading Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food cookbook, which I find wonderfully interesting. Today I made the brilliant Quick Salmon Tikka with Cucumber Yoghurt in about ten minutes. Really.

 13 January 2009
  Ahhhh, we're back home! I love travelling, but home is nice too. The kids are a bit jet-lagged -- not much, luckily -- so Lila woke me at 05:00. Updated some travel journals (and the family 'blog) and then, after a sleepy Isaac pulled on his shoes, we all went out to Orphan Andy's for pre-dawn breakfast.

sleepy Isaac pulls on shoes

Lila said "I want some American bacon, our eggs, and get some chocolate pancakes moving!" Isaac wanted to know whether he could order an Irish breakfast.

Orphan Andy's, Castro

This afternoon we went to see Lila's first gymnastics class. Lila, in blue, is upside-down.

Lila's first gymnastics class

Because the gymnasium wisely has open Wi-Fi the parents can easily hang around, pretending to be at work. Isaac brought the kids' laptop and was doing his homework.

Isaac at laptop

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