What's New? 2002-09

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What's New? 2002-09

 Sun 29 September 2002
  utilikilt Our streak of excellent Indian Summer weather continues: our cool morning has become a hot midday. Good for me, as Rose has given me leave to run down to the Folsom Street Fair - an extension of our usual Castro neighborhood shenanigans - in order to meet some fine folks visiting from Seattle.

I've wanted a Utilikilt since I saw some Black Rock City Rangers wearing them at Burning Man, back in 2000 (if memory serves). I guess I just never wanted one enough to do anything about it.

utilikilt I checked out their web site and was put off by having to wait six to eight weeks to see whether their measuremment scheme and my body are a good fit. Pun intentional. An email later I knew they were coming to San Francisco, and to my surprise they weren't just doing the measurements, they had a bunch of kilts pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear), on the rack!

Whoo-hoo! I found a Workman's Utilikilt, with a neo-traditional front (with bold silver snaps), in my size (37 medium, if you care :-) I walked away with one in carmel, but quickly realized that with two active children it'd be stained before nightfall. So I exchanged it for one in chocolate, seen at left.

What a comfortable bit of clothing, much better than either the ChiPants or the Gramicci pants to which I'm used.

And, as you can see, it's not a mini-skirt. Nothing to worry about folks, nothing to see here. Move along.

 Thu 26 September 2002
  Isaac: [As we're cleaning up the office and doing finances.] Papa, are you upset with me?
Papa: No, Isaac. I'm a little upset with this mess.
Isaac: Oh, Papa! You don't need to be upset with the mess, you only have to clean it up.
 Mon 23 September 2002
  I'd heard that 'bots have been used to sign up for services (for some financical reason I've since forgotten) and that providers have fought back by adding a stage that requires a human. Case in point, upon which I stumbled this evening while signing my sister-in-law up for a new 'net adventure, is a graphic with various greyscale blocks in which is embedded an alphanumeric string.

Human eyes can pick out the word easily, 'bots can't. What does Kursweil say?

 Thu 19 September 2002
  I've been hungry, and thinking about my last trip to Hawai'i. I realized that the company that operated the sushi buffet on the Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, must have opened the one in Daly City by now. I check the web and

Wow, is that a coincidence or what? So I'll have to wait another twenty-four hours. Sigh.

 Thu 12 September 2002
  The doula who brought Isaac and then Lila gracefully into the world is leaving today with her family on an trans-Asia trip. We're giving them a baby sling for their youngest.

Papa: Isaac, that's the person who helped Lila and Isaac get born.
Isaac: [confused] Today?

 Wed 11 September 2002
  In Memoriam: The World Trade Center Twin Towers, penned a year ago, seems just as fresh and chaotic now as then (to me). I don't have anything more to say, except even more condolences to those who lost loved ones in the attacks and renewed encouragement to the injured survivors. When are we rebuilding the damn things?
 Sun 8 September 2002
  Adjusting to city life, parenting, getting back into the playgroup swing of things, finances, etc., has been 1.5 fulltime jobs. Not to mention needing a lot of sleep after Burning Man 2002 and two really energetic kids in the middle of some very interesting stages of intellectual growth. Sorry for the dearth of updates. I'm working on it. Really.

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