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Dad Asks

Dad's gone from being behind the digital times to surfing my web pages on his own PowerBook. Here are the answers to some questions of his.

  Dad Asks: Fetching Message Remainder in Eudora Pro
  It's a good idea to have Eudora Pro limit the incoming message side so you don't waste time downloading unwanted attachments. But what about attachments you want?
  Dad Asks: Sending Digital Images (Pictures) with Eudora
  I gave Dad a digital camera of mine. Now he's got images he wants to share with the world, but he doesn't know how.
  Dad Asks: Cut and Paste Between Applications
  One of the tasks facing Dad is how to transfer something he's written in a word processor to an email message. Here's a visual guide, for when he's in a rush.
  Dad Asks: Configuring Timbuktu Pro 4.x for Remote Administration
  Here's how to configure Timbuktu Pro 4.x so I can remotely administer your machine.
  Dad Asks: Connecting with Timbuktu Pro 4.x
  Remote administration of Dad's Mac with Timbuktu Pro 4.x is a breeze, once I get the dynamic IP address assigned to him for the current dial-up session.

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