What's New? 2008-10-01

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What's New? 2008-10-01

 31 October 2008
  Ah, Halloween. What secular joy you bring to us! Visages to be a-feared and sweets abounding! What's not to like?

Here's Principal Willem Vroegh, the big baby :-)

Principal Willem Vroegh, the big baby

Lila, as Sleeping Beauty, with her classmates.

Bubbe Marion (left), Rose, and fellow parent Matt. Why is Rose wearing a compass and triangle? 'Cause she's a southern belle? Get it?

Lila, costumed

Have I mentioned that Lila has been losing her baby teeth? It's been the big thing lately. And she doesn't wait for them to fall out, she actively wiggles and pulls and tweaks and tongues and ....

Lila's lack of teeth

Isaac, costumed as a Roman centurion, with his classmate Wesley.

Isaac, costumed

Isaac's teacher, Ms. Lee, as Witch Pippi Longstocking.

Ms. Lee, Isaac's teacher

Isaac's tablemates devouring some of the candy treats passed out by the classmates.

Isaac's tablemates eat candy

Our family tradition has been for me to make a costume from things found around our house, at the last minute. Last year I was an iPhone, done as a sandwich board. The year before that I took a Linux penguin foam hat, a black shirt, some cotton balls on my shoulders, and went as bird poop. (The kids loved that one!) This year? It's Mickey, the Great Pumpkin.

Mickey, the Great Pumpkin

Hapkido chief instructor Marco Magsaysay, dressed in his samurai best, shows the kids some of the game give-away goodies at the dojo Halloween party. The Pinoy and Thai foods were pretty amazing too.

Marco Magsaysay showing goodies
 30 October 2008
  'Twas the night before Halloween, and the pumpkin carving went long into the night. This is Isaac's R. M. S. Titanic carving, complete with four smokestacks.

R. M. S. Titanic pumpkin carving
 29 October 2008
  To get Lila to eat her dinner fruit / veggies Papa carved an apple into this faux stegasaurous. All gobbled up.

Papa's dinner veggie spectacular
 27 October 2008
  Rose, whilst making breakfast, noticed that each of the eggs she opened were twins, having double yolks. One was interesting, two was notable, three was freaky, and four convinced us that one hen was having a good month...

double yolk twin eggs
 26 October 2008
  Lila & Shoshanna, one of her Hebrew School teachers, at May's Coffee Shop. We gave Shosh a ride home after school, and everyone was hungry, ...

Lila & Shoshanna at May's

Sumotori Mickey and Godzilla Lila fight it out on a dohyo in downtown Tokyo, it seems :-)

Lila & Mickey in Japantown

Back at home, Isaac is working on his elevated train set-up (with Noah, who came over to play today).

Isaac's elevated train set-up
 25 October 2008
  At the Randall Museum Halloween goings-on Lila is replaying her Canary Islands minigolf joys.

Randall Museum Halloween Lila minigolf

Isaac terrorizing Rose with his newly-won witch finger. She looks terrorized, no?

Isaac's Halloween witch finger
 20 October 2008
  Star Wars rejoice: Red Leader survived the attach on the Death Star, evidently:

 19 October 2008
  Isaac & cousin Matthew (and brother-in-law Neil) are flying virtual planes at the Hiller Aviation Museum, down the peninsula.

Isaac & Matthew @ Hiller Aviation Museum
 13 October 2008
 12 October 2008
  Today was the Burning Man 2008 San Francisco Decompression party. Here's the whole family on the multi-person pedal-powered playa cruiser thingie:

 11 October 2008
  The Saturday before Sunday's Decompression party, because so many folks are coming into the city from afar, the post-Burning Man 2008 feedback event is scheduled at the BM HQ. Here's a panorama of the goings-on.

Burning Man Black Rock Rangers post-event get-together

Of course, it's not just what one does, but how one does it. Hydrating is one thing, but making tea ritually, one wee pot at a time, is quiet another.

Burning Man Black Rock Rangers post-event get-together
 10 October 2008
  Each year, as part of our pre-Halloween events, we stop several times at Clancy's Pumpkin Patch (on 7th Ave at Lawton). The kids love the tiny maze. I've found that bringing headlamps for the kids is a good thing.

Clancy's Pumpkin Patch
 8 October 2008
  It's the annual Walk-to-School Day, so we've all gotten together at Mountain Lakes Park with Principal Willem Vroegh (second from left) and Coach Mary (at right).

Walk-to-School Day

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