What's New? 2007-11-01

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What's New? 2007-11-01

 17 November 2007
  Isaac hula-hoops in the school play-yard.

Isaac hula-hoops.

Lila hula-hoops. I can't hula-hoop at all. I've tried, believe me.

 14 November 2007
  The kids enjoy a burrito at Zona Rosa, in the Haight-Ashbury.

Zona Rosa
 13 November 2007
  Lila and friends hula-hoop.

Lila and friends hula-hoop
 12 November 2007
  Hey, we're playing on the structure in the back-yard of the cousins' house in near-by Foster City.

The cousins' house, Foster City
 11 November 2007
  Lila, up the hill from our house at the Corona Heights playground, with a caterpillar.

Lila with caterpillar

Isaac, letting the caterpillar walk on his hand.

Isaac with caterpillar
 10 November 2007
  Lila gazing into the main tank of the Academy of Sciences Steinhart aquarium, downtown. The new building, across from the De Young art museum in Golden Gate Park, is set to open next spring or summer. We're eagerly awaiting those festivities!

Academy of Sciences aquarium, downtown
 9 November 2007
  For Zadie's birthday we head over to their house. A family portrait is commissioned.

Zadie's birthday family portrait

As Isaac explains it, it was shabbos and in lieu of a cake we put candles into a challah.

Zadie's birthday challah
 8 November 2007
  Rose's latest purchase was a dozen eggs from Trader Joe's. What's interesting is that most of the eggs have twin yolks, something none of us have ever seen before, much less egg after egg after egg.

two sets of twin eggs

Lila hula-hoops.

Lila hula-hoops

I have no idea why I have this photo of a school bus in Golden Gate Park. Maybe you'll tell me.

school bus in Golden Gate Park

After Hapkido practice Lila waits outside the dojang. She's proudly wearing her red belt.

Lila at dojang

Dziadziu mugs for the camera, examining the fake bamboo served with sushi.

Dziadziu mugs for the camera
 7 November 2007
  Lila at the elementary school's guitar class.

Lila at school guitar class

After-school swimming at the Boys & Girls Club.

after-school swimming at the Boys & Girls Club

Boxing practice at the dojang. Master Jino Kang watches his new wife (in black).

Master Jino Kang watches his new wife boxing
 6 November 2007
  Every Election Day for as long as the kids have been alive we've taken them to our polling place and included them in the goings-on. As they've gotten older they've taken more pride in their participation. Our routine goes something like this: Rose and I show our IDs and are given our ballots. We walk outside, sit down on the sidewalk, and walk through the choices, having the kids do the marking. They love it, even when we don't win.

Election Day: Isaac votes!

You can tell from Rose's and Lila's jackets that it's bitterly cold outside today. We're just not used to it.

Election Day: Lila votes!
 4 November 2007
  Isaac, while waiting for breakfast to arrive (at Orphan Andy's) takes a photo of an F-line trolley car.

F-line trolley car

In Pinole, Caroline Kang - who makes a mean Korean glass noodle salad - plays catch with one of the crew's kid. This is the location for our third day of filming Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat, well, here and in near-by town of Rodeo.

Caroline Kang

Serafina & Isaac got to take care of a puppy at a dog-walking park near Fort Funston.

Serafina & Isaac with a puppy
 3 November 2007
  Day two of shooting Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat is taking place at the Fight and Fitness Club, in San Francisco. After the boxing and jiu jitsu classes clear out we begin preparing to film a fight scene in a boxing ring.

H2HTAOC: set-up

The scene is pretty cool, a mixed martial arts contest between two angry amateurs. One of the combatants, Nick, is a Hapkido brown belt in our dojang. That's him in the black tank top.

H2HTAOC: boxing scene

 2 November 2007
Jino Kang's Blade Warrior
Jino Kang, our Hapkido Master, made a movie entitled "Blade Warrior" in 2002. It was filmed all around the San Francisco Bay Area, in the old dojang, with some folks still training.

That's cool. Even better, he's starting to film Hand to Hand: The Art of Combat and I've been asked to do the "making of" video. I've got the old video camera in hand, and I'm on the set for the first day of filming (here in Pt. Richardson).

I don't know much about film or filmmaking - more than using iMovie - but there I am, taking video of what interests me and trying to help out wherever I can. I'm learning about lights, sound, video angles, etc.

Here's a panorama of the tea-sharing scene, where the old wise mentor counsels the troubled hero. That's Kurt in the middle, framing the shot.

H2HTAOC: first day of filming
 1 November 2007
  Signs that an election is coming: Chicken John Rinaldi wants your vote (hand-made sign on the truck with the portable toilet in the bed).

Chicken John Rinaldi wants your vote

Lila has new slippers. They're pink. They're everywhere; in this case on the writing surface of her desk.

Lila's new slippers

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