What's New? 2007-11-18

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What's New? 2007-11-18

 29 November 2007
  After school we take the kids to go swimming at the Boys & Girls Club in the Haight-Ashbury.

swimming at the Boys & Girls Club
 28 November 2007
  Lila queued up for the after-school guitar class. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) pays for a lot of cultural language and art programs that aren't provisioned for by the city and state.

Lila queued up for guitar class

Lila, tired, after swimming, leaning on the Papa. She's wearing her new swim cap.

Lila, tired, after swimming.
 27 November 2007
  Today I'm chaperoning Isaac's class on a field trip through Golden Gate Park. Here we leave the school, walking through the city streets to the near-by park.

class field trip

With maps in hand, navigation practice brings us to Kezar Stadium, where we take a running break.

class field trip

Moving on to the first public children's playground in the USA, Isaac takes a younger child under his wing - so to speak - down the concrete slide.

class field trip

That evening I treat Lila to dinner at the restaurant of her choice: Zante Indian Pizza. She's experimenting with sucking fennel candies and a sweet lahsi through the straw at the same time.

Lila @ Zante Indian Pizza
 26 November 2007
  No, it's not a horror movie; it's Rose working on a pomegranite.

Rose working on a pomegranite
 25 November 2007
  The kids help out gardening. Every week we try to fill up our green compost container for the city to haul away. It takes a bit of focus to remember. More than one Sunday evening has seen us scurrying around with rakes in hand to get everything ready by dawn the next morning.

Lila & Isaac gardening

We have Bubbie, Zadie, auntie Pamela, Zofia, and Dziadziu over for Thanksgiving dinner number 4.

Thanksgiving dinner number 4
 24 November 2007
  It's Thanksgiving dinner number 3 at Bubbie & Zadie's place in West Portal.

Thanksgiving dinner number 3
 23 November 2007
  Isaac and cousin Siegmund check out the new 24-inch monitor I got yesterday. They're most impressed. I, of course, spend most of the day in the kitchen and don't get to enjoy my own toy.

Isaac & Siegmund with new monitor

The extended family sitting in our eating nook enjoying Thanksgiving dinner number 2.

Thanksgiving dinner number 2

Lila feeds formula to cousin Analie with a bottle. She was so excited about this; it's all I heard about for a few hours.

Lila feeds Analie

All the guests gone, the dishes running through the dishwasher, I get a quiet moment to sit and gaze at that new 24-inch Soyo monitor, seen at left, PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz at the right.

new 24-inch Soyo monitor

 22 November 2007
  I'm making my Sephardic flat-iron brisket meal for Thanksgiving dinner number 1, which is going to be held across the bay at a friend's house. We start early in the morning, all of us doing what we can. Here the ladies open up stewed tomatoes, while Isaac browns onions and garlic in a saucepan (under close supervision).

the family cooks

The kids help out with the new baby, the youngest of six.

Thanksgiving dinner number 1; a combination of many people's efforts.

Thanksgiving dinner number 1

Lila, taking off her shirt, does a bit of the phantom of the opera.

Lila, the phantom of the opera
 21 November 2007
  We're in the San Francisco Zoo with Isaac (left) and Tobias (right). The kids do look like a bunch of meerkats, don't they?

San Francisco Zoo
 20 November 2007
  It's earthquake preparadness day at the kids' elementary school. Here Principal Willem Vroegh makes the announcement via the school intercom. Ms Wanda looks on.

earthquake preparadness day

Isaac's class practices a duck-and-cover drill. That's Ms B, at right.

earthquake preparadness day

Once evacuated from the school building the kids are herded together into the playground, everyone is accounted for, and search teams re-enter the school to find any missing or injured students.

earthquake preparadness day

Parents or guardians must check out their kids after a big earthquake, so that nobody goes missing in the confusion. We have the older kids participating in an escort system.

earthquake preparadness day

As we exit the MUNI Castro station I'm struck by the beauty of this lit tree. Twilight is so magical.

Castro scene
 19 November 2007
  It's Winter Carnival sing-along practice in the bungalow. That's Lila in the pink.

Winter carnival sing-along practice
 18 November 2007
  The kids are watching cousin Jessica submerging into the ball bin at the Play Café, where she's asked to have her birthday party.

Jessica's birthday

A panorama of the Play Café.

Jessica's birthday

Lila got a unicorn painted on her face, with a rainbow-colored mane.

Jessica's birthday

Lila & Isaac, who got an orca painted on his face, take care of Analie.

Jessica's birthday

Back at the cousins' house there's a small jumper, in which all four kids climb.

Jessica's birthday

Rose and middle sister Mindy.

Jessica's birthday

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