What's New? 2002-02-01

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What's New? 2002-02-01

 Sunday 24 February 2002
  Three Olympians have forfeited their medals today due to positive drug tests. Arne Ljunqqvist, chairman of the International Olympic Committee's medical commission, said "the substance is not listed on the banned list because it is so new."

Now IAMAL but if it's not on the banned list wouldn't that imply it's not banned?

 Saturday 23 February 2002
  While Lila passes her six-month birthday, Isaac continues to amaze us with his word-play. A few nights ago his hand fell asleep while he was lying on it. Shaking it, he looked at me and said "Papa, my fingers are full of poison."
 Wednesay 20 February 2002
  Isaac, describing a favorite lollipop: "it's like a soft flower growing in the night." Wow. Where does he get these similies? Lately he's been asking whether there's "ice cream under the [car's] paint." I'm not sure what he means, so I'll have to be on the lookout for a really crunched car so he can see how it's constructed. If I can't find one we'll wander over to a body shop.
 Tuesday 19 February 2002
  We are enveloped by heavy fog. Even the airport is shut down. We visit the Coyote Point Children's Museum and buy their annual membership. Now we have reciprocal agreements with the Exploratorium, the California Academy of Sciences, and the San Francisco Zoo. Also the Honolulu Zoo. We'll see what else when the paperwork arrives in a few weeks.
 Saturday 9 February 2002
  How to install the BMW keyless remote entry vehicle security system is the write-up of what I've been working on for the last two evenings. Now our BMW says beep-beep on command.


Why the dearth of updates? Well, we've been taking turns enjoying a stomach flu. First Isaac, then I, finally Rose; Lila escaped it completely.

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