What's New? 2002-01-01

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What's New? 2002-01-01

 Friday 25 January 2002
  Another day full of delightful family time. Today we travelled to the dealership on a do-it-yourself mission of repairing the backlight behind the clock in our BMW.
 Thursday 17 January 2002
  This coming Sunday, twenty-five later, Alex Haley's Roots will once again be presented in six nightly episodes, just as ABC did in January 1977. In middle school, at Hillside School (in Bridgewater, NJ), I remember staying up each night and watching and being amazed at the depth of the story. Says the New York Times: "Roots was scheduled before the important period of February ratings sweeps because the network feared no one would watch. Just the opposite happened, of course. In those days before VCRs, people stayed home to watch and Roots was even shown in stores and restaurants. It reached an incredible audience of 130 million, many of whom viewed its vivid images on black-and-white sets."
 Wednesday 16 January 2002
  Isaac: Stevie Wonder is in the yellow car.
Papa: What!?
Isaac: Stevie Wonder is in the yellow car.
Papa: Who is Stevie Wonder?
Isaac: He's a boy who sings "Happy Birthday".

And it's true. We used that song for part of Isaac's third birthday celebration. We haven't talked about it, or used Stevie Wonder's name, since a month ago. Wow, what they pick up and retain.

 Tuesday 15 January 2002
  We're back at Habitot. Fun place. Isaac has know what I-S-A-A-C spells for a long time now, but last week he floored Rose by spelling A-C-U-R-A. He's really into cars. He's been enjoying "Harry at the Garage"; telling everyone about engines, fuse boxes, and shock absorbers. Whatever he's enthusiastic about is fodder for progress. We had a thrilling time at the oil-change place last week. This evening we watched a gasoline truck deliver its payload to the local gas station. Isaac ran all over the place, jumping over the massive hoses. (Did you know they vented the vapor from the service station storage tanks back into the trucks? I didn't.)

Lila has become the "swivel-head", looking all around when she wants to see things. It's great fun to watch the wonder on her face.

 Tuesday 8 January 2002
  We visit Habitot - or as Isaac calls it: the recycling museum - in Berkeley today with Margalit and Mishael, have lunch at the Downtown restaurant (good food, disorganized service, expensive tiny lemonade full of ice cubes), and then play on the banks of the creek which goes under the Mather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus.


Late this evening I realize that I have to get an updated bit of software from Microsoft. They're pushing their losing .NET technology in front of everything, even downloading completely unrelated software (in this case the media player). So what happens? Complete failure? Doesn't anyone in Redmond actually do quality assurance these days? Pathetic.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

error '80004005'

An error occured during an attempt to use the Genesis databse...

Error Number: -2147217900
Error Description: wizardConfigGetXML Failure.
Must pass parameter number 2 and subsequent parameters as '@name = value'. After the form '@name = value' has been used, all subsequent parameters must be passed in the form '@name = value'.

/regsys/logon.asp, line 177

 Saturday 5 January 2002
  Krispy Kreme Mimi's Tot Shabbat in the morning, model trains and animals at the Randall Museum at noon, Krispy Kreme thereafter (much better quality, all is forgiven :-), and then the Skylight Café in the evening. Drizzle almost constantly, but we escaped any punishing rain.
 Thursday 3 January 2002
  weather Wow, a break in the rain! According to the San Francisco Chronicle we've enjoyed the wettest December since 1955. Great timing to have several groups of relatives come to visit :-) The car looks like a leopard: the rain has dropped all the dust from miles around on my nice shiny black finish. Sigh. And who wants to wash a car with more rain in the forecast?
 Tuesday 1 January 2002
  Caroline Hsu at the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena Happy New Year 2002, everyone! We continued the sleep-over celebration at a 10:00 breakfast. By 10:30 we found out that we were invited / expected to be at a buffet by noon, so we packed everything into our cars and headed to the Hilton in Pleasanton, where Hanya and Manny hosted our table at a wonderful buffet. We all filled up, reveled in the great conversation, and marvelled at tired Isaac's incredible table behavior. Then we went back to Shirley's to pick up Pam's car, continued on to Mindy and Neil's house in Union City, and ended back up at Sarah and Erik and Felix's place in Mountain View. At 20:00 we headed back up to San Francisco, stopping off at the newly-opened Krispy Kreme donut shop in Daly City. (Quality decidedly inferior to the Ocean City branch.) Now the entire family is asleep, and I'm updating this web site. Now I must sleep :-)


Remember, &euro is what's needed to display the euro - € - character. Tomorrow is the first full business day in the United States of Europe. I'm familar with the monetary reasons to submerge national unity in favor of a common currency, but I mourn the loss of the individual currencies with which I've grown fond over the years: the Deutchmark, the Gilder / Florin, the French Franc. Sigh. Another win for the Corporate State of Earth.

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