What's New? 2001-12-01

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What's New? 2001-12-01

 Monday 31 December 2001 - New Year's Eve
  Goodbye 2001, annus horribilis. You were a strange and wonderful year. A really hurt economy (I think I worked for a total of three months) and a horrific terrorist act. A year we'll long remember.


We load up the Bimmer and head south for a series of New Years celebrations. Very unlike our usual plans (being in bed by 22:00). Not that the names will mean anything to you, but I'll remember: we start off with Sara and Erik and Felix in Mountain View, continue on to the pathetic Mountain View at 100 festival, and wind up at Shirley's for a sleep-over just south of Union City. We are all up past midnight, even Isaac, and finally crash at 01:30. Yeah! Happy New Year to you all.

 Friday 21 December 2001
  My thirty-eighth birtday. We celebrate.
 Wednesday 19 December 2001
  Isaac's third birthday. We celebrate.
 Sunday 9 December 2001 - Chanukah 5762
  It's the first night of Chanukah 5762. We celebrate. (The graphic is the seasonal greeting sent out by my cousinDaniel and wife Shradda.)

ECO Seasons Greetings The holiday of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is finally here. Chanukah celebrates the victory of the Maccabean revolt in the times of the Second Temple.

Tradition has it that when the Jewish leaders reëntered the Temple they found only one flask of pure oil - used to light the eternal flame - which miraculously lasted for eight days.

We thus light candles for eight days to commemorate the occasion, and eat fried foods to remember the miracle of the oil. In our Sephardic shul (synagogue) we ate sufganiyot (donuts).

At home I used Omi Marga's recepie for latkes (potato pancakes). Mmmmm.

 Monday 3 December 2001
  Spent part of the day checking out replacement portable dishwashers; ours is all used up.


On the downside of the culinary side of things, we had a depressingly mediocre dinner at The Indian Oven, which has been getting good reviews since it's gone into its third incarnation in the same location. Rose's lamb pasanda was quite good, but my seafood biriyani was inappropriately spicy. Expensive too. Sigh. Senic India and Pakwan are much better choices, IMHO.

 Sunday 2 December 2001
  BMW Did I mention that 37-pound Isaac completely immobilized the 3021-pound Bimmer. Embarrassing but true.


Had a magnificent Irish breakfast at The Fiddler's Green, near the northern end of the Powell cablecar line, at Fisherman's Wharf. It's as close as I've come to getting back to St. Ives.

 Saturday 1 December 2001
  autumn desktop Not only is this my favorite month, but it's my favorite season: autumn-winter :-) Between the foliage and the snow, the celebrations, the lights, and the good cheer, what's not to like? (Oh yes, I know, but I'm ignoring THAT.) My sister Felicia's baby is over-due, and we're all awaiting that exciting event along with the visits of several groups of relatives.

At right you see one of my favorite desktop images, a landscape by Rachel Robbins. Even though we, the residents of the tiny cottage, live in the middle of a big city, we still enjoy the leaves of autumn. And while I don't despise raking leaves as much as when I was a teenager, sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to uncover the zen in gardework.

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