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In alphabetical (rather than chronological) order are some of the workplaces I've inhabited on this meandering path I call a career:

  On Valentine's Day 2001 I accepted a position at, a tiny web-based company which had been on the web as long as I. It brings me back to my Internet roots, but with current technology, which I suspect will be an interesting thing.
  Radio Shack vs. Bianca's Smut Shack
  In a moment of extremely poor judgement Tandy Corporation, parent company of Radio Shack, demanded that Bianca's Smut Shack cease using the word 'shack' in its name. Bad idea. Very bad idea.
  In the autumn of 1999 I wrote Java code for a multimedia company located near North Beach, in San Francisco.
Charles Schwab & Company
  During much of 1997 I was the Contract Senior Technical Lead for Charles Schwab & Company's intranet. Words and pictures about our great team.
  In April of 1991 I began four years of work at GO Corporation, purveyors of one of the first hand-held pen-based tablet computers.
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
  Starting in the autumn of 1999 I took a consulting gig with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in San Francisco, California.
Organic Online
  During the autumn of 1998 I was a Senior Java Servlet Engineer at Organic Online, a web development agency in San Francisco's Multimedia Gulch.
Pacific Stock & Bond Exchange
  The summer, autumn, and winter of 2000 found me at the Pacific Stock & Bond Exchange in San Francisco, California. Hired as a Java programmer, I did most of my work (at least to date) in Perl, rushing new projects to completion in a very tight deadline.
  In the summer of 2005 I produced some technical documents for a small Oakland company called PocketThis.
  In the summer of 2001 I spent ten exhilarating days strolling through an ethnically diverse part of Oakland on my way to work.
  In December 1998 I did a short contract installing and configuring databases and ODBC for Thuridion near Santa Cruz, California.

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