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Pacific Stock & Bond Exchange

Welcome to my musings about the workplaces I've inhabited. These pages follow in the tradition of my travel pages. I market myself on the pages dedicated to my résumé. The two ought not be confused.

The summer, autumn, and winter of 2000 found me at the Pacific Stock & Bond Exchange in San Francisco, California. Hired as a Java programmer, I did most of my work (at least to date) in Perl, rushing new projects to completion in a very tight deadline.

With the formerly looming spectre of the Y2K catastrophic apocalypse behind us with neither a whimper nor a bang, and the process of decimalization underway (fond as I am of the old meaning of 'bit', as in 'shave and a haircut, two bits', I'm happier to never again have to figure stock prices in those incredibly annoying 12.5 cent increments), the time was right for the Pacific Stock & Bond Exchange (known in-house as the Pacific Exchange) to add some modern computing to both their intranet and extranet.

Have you found errors nontrivial or marginal, factual, analytical and illogical, arithmetical, temporal, or even typographical? Please let me know; drop me email. Thanks!

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