1996 New Jersey: Pesach

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1996 New Jersey: Pesach

In April of 1996 I went back to my childhood home in Bridgewater, New Jersey, to spend Pesach (Passover) with my Mom's side of the family. (I have many good memories of Bridgewater; it's a mix, on the edge of civilization and forest, a perfect place for a young boy to go exploring in the woods. Animals to see, paths to take, and above all, a lot of quiet.)

From San Francisco (SFO) to Newark (EWR):

My sister Felicia and I are on our way to a week-long family get-together at my Mom's house in New Jersey. We're only twenty minutes late in taking off, and I think it's safe to say that neither of us mind, as we're enjoying the novelty of being together on an airplane. (Even though Fel and I live about two kilometers apart, we see more of each other while we're on the East Coast than at any other time.)

The passengers have settled down, it's a crowded plane, and we're digging through a paper bag that Fel's live-in boyfriend Adam put into her bag. First is a color photo of Adam - so Fel doesn't forget what he looks like, second is a brand new number two pencil - so Fel can write to tell him how much she misses him, and last is a chocolate Easter bunny - for Fel to enjoy while airborne. I like Adam; he's a great boyfriend-in-law (or whatever).

Oma (my grandmother Marga), Mom, and Emil are at the airport. The trip home is swift, and before I know it we're at home. My uncle Daniel, his wife Shrada, and their children - my cousins - Mayra and Djamal are waiting for us.

Lunch is great, and as I nap in the afternoon a wonderful seder is being prepared. (A seder is the Passover celebratory meal; Leonardo da Vinci's L'Ultima Cena (The Last Supper) depicts Jesus and the Apostles celebrating the Pesach seder.)

In the panorama below - which reminds be of L'Ultima Cena - you see (from left to right) my uncle Daniel, Oma, my niece Myra, my sister Felicia, Emil - Mom's second husband, Mom, Shradda - Daniel's wife, and Steve - Emil's son. (Daniel's family was featured prominently in my 1995 Eivissa and Gran Canaria trip.)


The next day, Friday 5 April 1996, on the way up to the town of Fleishmann's (New York) for a bit of spring skiing we stop off at the home of Bob and Carol.

Jamie Peggy Who, you may be asking, are these sepia-tone lasses gazing at us? Well, during the late seventies and all through the eighties we celebrated many a Pesach at the home of Bob and Carol, who were (between the husband and wife) a medical doctor, an artist, and both were amateur archeologists. The wife was also an incredible cook. Her Pesach feast was traditional and delicious, a meal that spanned hours, the most elaborate seders; long, intricate, entertaining days, complete with story, song, and magnificent food. The photos are photos of their daughters: at left is Jamie, at right, Peggy. These were the only part of a panorama of their living room that came out - evidently the flashbulb's batteries weren't up to snuff.

Here, in their living room, are Carol, Mom, Oma, Peggy, Felicia, Ben, and Jamie's beautiful baby boy, Ben.

And here are the ladies in 1996.

And lastly, Bob and Carol, entertaining. A big hug to you both.

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