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Michael 'Mickey' Sattler

 31 March 2009
 30 March 2009
 29 March 2009
 28 March 2009
 27 March 2009
 25 March 2009
 24 March 2009
 23 March 2009
 22 March 2009
 21 March 2009
 20 March 2009
 19 March 2009
  20090319 #4 Renovation Report - Preparing to Lift: Number 4 in an on-going series documenting the renovation of our cottage. Today the cribs are being delivered, in preparation for the house being lifted six inches; at work's end it'll go down three inches.

 17 March 2009
  PG&E comes by our cottage to chat about the new location for the gas meter. Six of us meet, make the obvious decision, talk about old stoves. All win.
 16 March 2009

20090316 #3 Renovation Report - Digging Down: Number 3 in an on-going series documenting the renovation of our cottage. Here the dirt in our under-house crawl-space is being dug into, in preparation for the delivery of cribs - wooden railroad ties - which will be used to support the house, once lifted.

 15 March 2009
  20090315 Happy 8th Birthday, Breanna: On Sunday 15 March 2009 Lila and I were invited to Breanna's 8th birthday party. The water-pistol fights were fierce; the spoken Chinese, plentiful; hanging out at the never-ending BBQ, great; and the celebration and cake; joyful.

 14 March 2009
 13 March 2009
  20090313 Renovation Report #2 - Shovel Hits Dirt: A few days after "Plans of Attack" the crew have removed the concrete from the slanted "porch" in front of our cottage, from the walkway to the rear, and from the back border and slanted inset by the stairs. They're digging an access way to the basement, from which they'll extract dirt. It's so exciting!

Here's the family celebrating Dziadziu's 86th birthday at Sanppo, Japantown. From left: Zofia, Dad, Isaac, Bubbie, Rose, and Lila. The sukiyaki is great!

Dziadziu's 86th birthday at Sanppo, Japantown

A rear-view of our house, with Isaac climbing the huge pile of rubble from the demolishing of the basement, rear stairs, and concrete that surrounds the front, side, and rear of the house.

Our house: rear demolished

Underneath, where the basement is to go, Isaac climbed down into the 10-foot (3-meter) hole dug for the cribbing (on which the house will rest as a foundation is created. One can really get a sense of scale.

Our house: Isaac in cribbing hole


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