What's New? 2009-02-01

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What's New? 2009-02-01

 14 February 2009
  Martin, visiting from London to work on the GGMRC layout, and Isaac, strategising.

GGMRC: Martin and Isaac

This is what it looks like when freight & passenger trains crash.

GGMRC: freight & passenger trains crash

Isaac and Eric setting up another train to run.

Isaac and Eric setting up another train to run.

Lila at the Corona Heights playground, trying to use a thin pipe as a balance beam.

Lila at Corona Heights playground
 13 February 2009
  Lila took this photo of some friends (at the library, I think).

Lila's friends

Lila's Valentine's Day: perhaps it's for the wrong reason (the economy, stupid) but I was heartened by how many cards were hand-made (as we've been doing for years). The pre-made cards just say "we don't care" (at least to me).

Isaac is at home, sick with a slight fever and a chest cold. He's got such mad luck with getting ill around holidays or field trips. (All his cards and candy was delivered to him from his school; yeah!)

Lila's Valentine's Day

On our way to Shabbos celebrations in Piedmont we enjoy a rainy Central Freeway, approaching the Bay Bridge.

rainy Central Freeway
 8 February 2009
  Hey, it's a Burning Man Black Rock Ranger get-together at a dim sum place in Daly City. From left: Prahna, Easy-E, OdWally, Shiho, Sean, Tenderfoot, and Mickey.

Burning Man Black Rock Ranger get-together at dim sum

Here's my darling Rose at the Westfield Mall, downtown San Francisco. We had a few hours alone time, she and I, so we strolled around our fair city hand-in-hand.

Rose in Westfield Mall
 7 February 2009
  Lila, at Orphan Andy's, nursing those chocolate-chip pancakes she loves so much.

Lila, at Orphan Andy's
 6 February 2009
  San Francisco springitme sakura, around the corner from our house, in the Castro.

San Francisco springitme sakura

An evening out with Gorgio's Pizza, on Clement Street, with the Sunshines.

Gorgio's Pizza, with the Sunshines
 5 February 2009
  Dziadziu asked us to have dinner out; as he and Zofia are near Stonestown we're going to Chevy's. Here are the girls in my life, suffering a fit of the giggles.

Rose & Lila, suffering a fit of the giggles

Dziadziu, Lila, Isaac. That's wrapping paper on Dad's head; the kids made gifts whilst we were overseas.

Dziadziu, Lila, Isaac

Lila's self-portrait, Chevy's, Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA, USA. Don't ask; I think that's a napkin on her head. I'm sure there's a story :-)

Lila's self-portrait
 3 February 2009
  Lila, in the hospital, playing on my iPhone as we wait to be seen. Her stomach has been aching since mid-December, in London. I think I want this healed even more than she does; probably not.

Lila in hospital
 1 February 2009
  Isaac and I spend the morning at the GGMRC; here's a train wreck.

GGMRC train wreck

Then we pick up Lila, stopping off at the House of Bagels.

House of Bagels, Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA

Then we spend some quality time at the Hiller Aviation Museum, in San Carlos. Nothing like a three-screen plane simulator.

Isaac flying at the Hiller Aviation Museum

At a diner mid-peninsula with, from left, Rose, her sister Mindy, cousin Matthew, Isaac, cousin Jessica, brother-in-law Neil, and Lila.

dinner with cousins Matthew and Jessica

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