What's New? 2009-02-15

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What's New? 2009-02-15

 29 February 2009
  20010714 The Crying Matzohballs (Jewish Grandmother cooking secrets): Omi Marga, my maternal grandmother, makes delicious matzohballs (matzaballs). No recipe, no quantities, just experience. After years of trying to understand exactly how I made a record of a day with her.

I believe all the steps are here, available to English-speakers, although I did leave some German chat in to her her own words. It may come to pass that I add some subtitles and/or a bit of explicit detail about this recipe and techniques...

 28 February 2009
  20090226 Isaac's Super Sushi Class: Isaac attended a maki (sushi roll)-making class and took footage during the class. You'll see Chef Tanya teaching the kids about maki, having them make the sushi rice, and roll the cucumber and avocado maki.

(All footage is by Isaac; as iMovie '09 had corrupted the project file I put this together as a wake-up surprise for him.)

 27 February 2009
  Lila's hair it was nice and wavy, and stayed that way for a while, once we took the braid out.

Lila's hair-do

The disk of the cresent moon was brightly visible, as was Venus, right near-by.

moon and venus
 26 February 2009
  Isaac's picture of Rose and me at Mifune soba restaurant, Japantown.

Rose & Mickey at Mifune
 25 February 2009
  20090108 Tornedos Atlantis (Rainer's Kitchen): In their Canary Islands restaurant, Gisela and Rainer provide great food, wonderful company, and kid-friendly lodgings. Rainer graciously shares the recipe for one of my kids' favorite foods, Tornedos Atlantis, a filet of beef wrapped in smoked ham, cooked with mushrooms, garlic, and cream in brandy and red wine. Seems like a recipe within reach.

I took out the DV tapes (to convert them into movie projects) and laid them out by year, for a simple bar graph of our video activity. I'll have to see which year is which (for the picture; the tapes are back in storage) and see how the digital video revolution overlaps.

DV tapes, by year

Here's my quick sketch of our Zadieville dual-guage improvement project, over at the GGMRC.

Zadieville expansion plans

At one of her art classes Lila made a chia planter complete with garden stones and two gazebos. We'll have to see how it grows: it's getting plenty of sun and water.

Lila's chia planter
 24 February 2009
  Café Technomad: Often the best thing about working from home is *not* working from home, but a near-by café. Here I'm chatting at the Tazza de Amore in a pre-rain mist :-)

 22 February 2009
  Office Tidying: In the midst of tidying up the home office, the last in a series of waterfall decisions made when readying the upstairs to take the stuff from the basement, a short video is made.

Lila wanted something new, so I made her a braid-bun held down by chopsticks (something she saw in the Worst Witch movies).

Lila's hair bun
 21 February 2009
  Backyard Sleep-out: I start testing video-blogging, high-definition video, and iPhoto '09, all while child-raising. If you click on the video you'll see the HD version.

Isaac in line (at the Hiller Aviation Museum) for the Young Eagles Day flight program.

Isaac in line at Hiller Aviation Museum Young Eagles Day

Hiller Aviation Museum - Young Eagles Day: Once awake, and after breakfast, Isaac and I head down to the Hiller Aviation Museum to take part in Young Eagles Day.

It's a quiet evening here, and both kids are bundled in bed. It's a nice moment. They enjoyed the story (and Rose's riling them up). I want to remember this.

Lila, asleep

Isaac, asleep
 17 February 2009
  Here we are, goofing around, at Tart to Tart café, in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

 15 February 2009
  Isaac, playing amidst the spring cleaning, made "Mama" and "Papa" with his Magnatiles, after several improbably tall structures collapsed with great fanfare.

Magnatiles: Papa

My darling wife Rose made a dim sum Valentine's Day feast for me. Mmmmmmm.

Valentine's Day feast for Mickey

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