What's New? 2007-09-01

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What's New? 2007-09-01

 20 September 2007
  It's running club time at the kids' elementary school. Here's Isaac with Alejandro. They made 16 circuits, a mile.

running club: Isaac & Alejandro

Lila pounds out a mile herself. She's no slouch.

running club: Lila

Isaac & Eugenia on the play structure after lunch. That thing has done more for their development than anything else at school. It's so much better than the new structures they're littering around San Francisco.

Isaac & Eugenia on the play structure

A gopher shows its friendly face.

a gopher
 19 September 2007
  One of the kids take a photo of me in the office. Can you tell that the kids have been tossing everything on my desk? Lila gets the mail from the box, pulls out what's hers, and tosses the rest over there. It's an avalanche waiting to happen.

Mickey at home

The same miscreant cameraperson snaps Rose chatting whilst cooking.

Rose at home

Lila, reading at school when she finished her assignment.

Lila reading at school

These are the lead-covered recalled Thomas the Tank Engine toys that we're about to mail back to the company.

lead-covered recalled Thomas the Tank Engine toys
 18 September 2007
  Lila, on the school's play structure.

Lila, on the school's play structure
 17 September 2007
  Oh, no! My car is throwing an engine error. (Turns out it's a mis-installed gasket on their last repair. Costs me nothing but time. Meh.)

my car in the shop

From my vantage point of the office, here's Isaac, doing homework. Because the two folding chairs are out I'm guessing the grandparents have just left.

Isaac, doing homework
 16 September 2007
  After the kids' Hebrew School we head over to Ocean Beach for a sunny afternoon of play.

playing at Ocean Beach

The goats are back in San Francisco, chowing down on the greenery at Laguna Honda. (I read something in the paper about this being a replacement flock, after the original bunch were killed in a truck roll-over accident.) The kids absolutely love hanging around with the goats, feeding them any little bit of green they've missed or can't reach from behind the fence. Isaac calls this "Café Mars" for some reason.

San Francisco goats
 15 September 2007
  Lila takes a photo of some of her stuff.

Lila's stuff

Isaac takes a photo of his RV magazine, showing the model we drove to Burning Man 2007.

Isaac's RV magazine

Our neighbor, Anthony (in red), is filming. He asks for some extras, and Sarah (in white) and I volunteer.

Anthony Palombit's film
 14 September 2007
  Here's Lila at the grandparents' house, playing with the DVD player.

Llia does a DVD

Big brother Isaac & Rose do shabbos in the kitchen.

Isaac & Rose do shabbos
 13 September 2007
  I'm cleaning up from Burning Man 2007 and I come across some of the wristband we placed on Kidsville kids this year.

Burning: Kidsville wrist bands

Magain David Sephardim, during the Passover service. I was way in the back with the kids, who just couldn't sit down long enough.

Magain David Sephardim

Rose, Lila, and Leah, on the way to tashliesh.

Rose, Lila, and Leah

Isaac and Rocky, at Mountain Lake Park, just before tashliesh.

Isaac and Rocky

Breaking the fast at Fune Ya.

breaking the fast at Fune Ya
 12 September 2007

Isaac's self-portrait. New haircut.

Isaac's self-portrait
 11 September 2007
  I'm heading across the San Francisco Bay Bridge at a good clip until a van bursts into fire, and the resulting chaos and emergency service vehicles and rubber-neckers bring everything to a crawl. A CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer spends his time standing next to the fire truck screaming at each passing vehicle "don't look, just drive, dammit". Wonderful.

emergency vehicles on the Bay Bridge
 8 September 2007
  Lila and Isaac bicycling. They're so happy to be using two-wheelers.

Lila and Isaac bicycling

It's time for Roadworks: Steamroller Prints at San Francisco Center for the Book. Isaac dons gloves and helps smear the ink around. Lila supervises.

Isaac smears ink

Inside the Center for the Book, Isaac takes over from the woman in purple and gives in-depth descriptions of the workings of this rotary press. That boy's a natural. The public loves the novelty of being instructed by an 8-year-old.

Isaac, docent

Dziadziu, Lila, and Isaac at Kiki.

Dziadziu, Lila, and Isaac at Kiki
 7 September 2007
  Principal Willem Vroegh, starting the school-day.

Principal Willem Vroegh

Rose, at Zazie Café, enjoying her virgin bloody Mary.

Rose, at Zazie Café
 6 September 2007
  The mid-day sun, obscured by smoke from forest fires down south.

smoke over San Francisco
 5 September 2007
  A very happy Rose at Zazie Café.

Rose, at Zazie Café
 4 September 2007
  Here are the kids, about to be driven to school.

Lila & Isaac

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