What's New? 2007-07-01

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What's New? 2007-07-01

 Thursday 26 July 2007
  Isaac looks cold; the heater in the swimming pool was having issues. Isaac has improved so much; he's diving and swimming across the pool.

Isaac in the pool
 Wednesday 25 July 2007
  Here's Aunt Pamela giving us a tour of their new house (via Skype). She's holding a laptop and an attached video camera as she takes a wireless stroll around the place.

Pam via Skype
 Tuesday 24 July 2007
  Here's Lila getting direction from Donald, a summer intern at the pool. You can see fog enshrouding the city, but a bit of sun always seems to shine on the Mission Pool.

Mission Pool
 Monday 23 July 2007
  It's lunch, a time between the morning swimming lessons and afternoon recreational swim. We're at near-by La Cornetta, in the Mission, with Azreal and Grace.

La Cornetta, The Mission
 Sunday 22 July 2007
  We start the morning shopping at Trader Joe's, where the kids help with the check-out.

check-out at Trader Joe's

Lila knows how to ride her two-wheeler! She decided she didn't want the training wheels anymore. (Photo by Dziadziu.)

Lila's first bicycle ride

 20 July 2007

 18 July 2007
 16 July 2007

 15 July 2007

 14 July 2007

 13 July 2007

 12 July 2007

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 9 July 2007

 Friday 6 - Sunday 8 July 2007
  We start the Burning Man 2007 season by heading out to the Playa Ranger Orientation Meeting (ROM).
 Thursday 5 July 2007
  I take Omi Marga to Berkeley to a hairdresser that my sister, Felicia, arranged. The Avenging Unicorn Play Set is strange; check out the expressions on the people's faces.

Unicorn play set

Omi Marga at the hairdresser. She liked the work they did, and I had a chance to stroll around the neighborhood.

Omi Marga at the hairdresser
 Tuesday 3 July 2007
  Here's Lila and Omi Marga at the Civic Center. It was Mayor Willie Brown who caused the dome of City Hall to be gilt.

Lila and Omi Marga at Civic Center

We're on our way to the Asian Art Museum, which Omi Marga really enjoys. After a long morning of walking about we pause in the cafeteria with Azreal and his mom, Ymilul.

Afterwards we explore more of the museum and listen to a presentation by the creator of "Kimba the White Lion" (and watch the first episode).

Asian Art Museum

In the evening the kids choose to bring Omi Marga to Mifune, in Japantown. They love the soba (buckwheat noodles), which you see Rose maneuvering. Omi is working on the sukiaki.

Mifune soba noodles
 Monday 2 July 2007
  One of the highlights of her trip (for the kids, at least) is waking Omi Marga in the morning. There's a great show-and-tell each day, with things and stories being swapped.

Lila & Isaac wake Omi Marga

Rose has been making us beautiful breakfasts each day, delighting us with local and imported treats. Isaac is showing off his strawberry jam.


Here's Lila & Azreal swimming; lessons today included using kickboards.

Lila & Azreal swim

Lila & Azreal enjoy the lunch provided by the city. Today it's burritos, I think.

Lila & Azreal eat lunch

Lila, having been very intrigued by my iPhone, is thrilled at the chance to visit the scene of the crime, the downtown Apple store. We take the subway and are soon facing a sign reading "Sorry, no iPhones today". (My iPhone weighs heavy and comfortable in my pocket.) We enter.

Sorry, no iPhones today

Inside the store there's quite a crowd playing with iPhones, with huge advertisements all around. I'm guessing a goodly number of these folks didn't make it to Macworld Exposition last January, and this is their first view of the iPhone. People are taking long turns, but everyone is calm and polite.

iPhone crowd inside Apple store

Omi Marga is very good with the kids, patiently enduring long games of Monopoly (and other games). The kids love it.

Omi Marga's Monopoly

Omi Marga loves Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park, around which we walk today. It reminds me a bit of the duck pond in Ahlen, [West] Germany, around which I spent many happy hours as a child.

Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

Lila and Isaac are adopted by a Russian couple who share their bread with the kids.

Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

Here's Isaac, about to be attacked in Jiu-Jitsu class; the mat behind him will break the fall. That's Master Jino Kang supervising. Lila, at right, is being social as she waits for her turn.

Isaac @ Jiu-Jitsu

Here's Lila atop Twin Peaks, in the middle of San Francisco. It's sunset, and this is a great place to end the day.

Lila atop Twin Peaks
 Sunday 1 July 2007
  It's a quiet Sunday here in the City so I take the kids for a quiet breakfast near Ghirardelli Square, at The Fiddler's Green.

Fiddler's Green

Isaac finds license plates with the names of his cousins; he's thrilled.

Isaac w/ license plates

Later in the evening, Lila dries her fingernail polish with the office fan.

Lila dries her fingernail polish

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