What's New? 2007-02-01

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What's New? 2007-02-01

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  It's Chinese New Year at the kids' school. Principal Willem Vroegh introduces the lion dancers.

Chinese New Year at the kids' school

Dziadziu and Zofia sit at the 50-yard line, so to speak.

Chinese New Year at the kids' school

Lion dancer. This group hails from Sacramento, and spends this two months of the year missed by their spouses. (Yes, I get the irony of having a San Francisco school importing lion dancers from outside the city. It is funny, and the very multi-ethnic thing that is so SF.)

Chinese New Year at the kids' school

The kids get a turn to be lion dancers. Here's Isaac being the dragon's hindquarters.

Chinese New Year at the kids' school
 Thursday 15 February 2007
  Another great day of volunteering at the kids' school. Today we head out on a field trip to Star of the Sea school, near-by, to a concert presented for the kids. (That's Isaac in the yellow shirt.)

Isaac watches the concert

Isaac has really gotten the rope-jumping bug from Lila. He's good, too. Here he's in the middle of a cadence, with little sister next in line.

Isaac & Lila jump rope

Now Lila takes a turn at the rope, with Rose turning.

Lila jumps rope; Rose turns

Isaac really loves his teachers. He's been very lucky to get teachers who grok him, and he's been learning a lot. (Yes, he does complain occasionally about having to go to school.) After school on Thursdays he goes to an art workshop. Today he made that solar-system-on-a-stick which he immediately brought over to his teacher's desk (and made the note you see him leaving).

Isaac gifts his artwork

Thursday is a busy day for us. The schedule hasn't been kind to us. After art it's swim class; he loves this. Then it's the post-swim burrito, the last dregs of the homework, and bedtime. Whew!

Isaac's swim class
 Friday 9 February 2007
  Here's Isaac in class, handing out papers. I like the kids; they're smart and funny and pleasant to be around.

Isaac in class

After school, after homework, we relax by playing with the Magnatiles set. This is a a three-tiered building with a front foyer and an elaborate walkwak to the outhouse....

Isaac's Magnatiles
 Monday 5 February 2007
  There are definite phases in a young girl's life, like the pink-wearing phase. Now we're in the ritualized hand-slapping phase; think pat-a-cake on steroids. Each one has its own song, pattern, and is uniformly impossible for me to imitate. Grrrrr.

Lila: pat-a-cake on steroids

The kids' favorite pizza is from the Escape From New York Pizzeria, in the Castro. So today we're celebrating a good day. (Unfortunately, my favorite pizza is from Village Pizza, at the corner of Arguello and Clement. Pepperoni.)

Castro Escape From New York Pizzeria
 Sunday 4 February 2007
  Hey, can you tell how Isaac feels about his Magnatiles set?

Isaac & Magnatiles
 Saturday 3 February 2007
  It's a Saturday morning, and the kids have asked to head over to Japantown to May's Coffee Shop. Of course, when the food arrives and is portioned out the kids aren't in sight. (They're in that shop in front, checking out the latest J-Pop schoolgirl band.)

May's Coffee Shop: vista

The staff at May's are very, very kind to the kids. So when a chocolate taiyaki (鯛焼き) is requested but not available a special order is started, two hours earlier than usual. The kids are so appreciative; thanks!

May's Coffee Shop: taiyaki
 Friday 2 February 2007
  Don't ask. I have absolutely no idea how this image got onto the camera, other than to guess either Isaac or Lila was having another go at the camera. Both don't recall taking it, they say.

Isaac wakes

Rose and I spend a lot of time volunteering at the kids' school. Sometimes it's helping by photocopying lesson worksheets, other times it's by one-on-one time with the kids. The worst day at the school is still better than the best day at the office.

Lila's class
 Thursday 1 February 2007
  Welcome to February! Isaac celebrates by playing with the built-in cosmetic frames feature of our Pentax Optio W20. Here's a self-portrait:

Isaac's self-portrait

and here's how Isaac sees Mom, seated in the eating nook:

Isaac sees Rose

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