What's New? 2006-08-01

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What's New? 2006-08-01

 Saturday 19 August 2006
  We have free tickets to a movie entitled "How To Eat Fried Worms", playing at the Metreon, downtown. Even though we were told that our reservations actually entitled us to a seat, we've been through too many mismanaged screenings, and we showed up suitably early. Here's the line.

How To Eat Fried Worms, Metreon

The movie poster. The kids liked the flick, although Lila (just turned 5) thought it was a bit intense.

How To Eat Fried Worms movie poster
 Friday 18 August 2006
  Summer draws to a close, and Lila & Isaac head over to Willa's play-group for one last time. They were here as very young children, and it's a bit emotional to see them here just before they both head off to school.

Lila & Isaac @ Willa's play-group

Mid-day sees cousins Jessica & Matthew at our house. Mindy & Neil wanted a few hours to themselves, so we're having a lunch and play party. Right about now it's instrument time: be thankful you can't hear the noise!

Jessica & Matthew with Lila & Isaac

This evening we're along to celebrate Aunt Pamela leaving her first ever job after eighteen years. We're downtown at Buca di Beppo enjoying their "immigrant Southern Italian dining." Here a speech is in progress.

Pamela's going-away party at Buca di Beppo

Here's a clapping game of "Miss Mary Mack" going on as the dinner winds down. The kids are tired, but Rose is doing a really good job of entertaining them. Remember, they're juiced up on the sugar of the dessert cake.

Miss Mary Mack @ Buca di Beppo
 Thursday 17 August 2006
  It's shoe-shopping time (for Isaac; Lila has hers). Here are the kids on an esclator, something they love to do.

Lila & Isaac on Mervyn's escalator

They've been sending us ahead, so they can practice this all by themselves. It's a bit nerve-wracking.

 Wednesday 16 August 2006
  Isaac has been asking us to go to the Balboa Park MUNI station for a long, long time. It's where several lines meet. Today things got cleared out and we have some time. The kids and I head out; here we pose above a K Ingleside trolley car. What you can't tell from the photo is the cold breeze whipping around us. I have their jackets, but once put on it's still not enough.

Isaac & Lila @ Balboa Park

Then the system melts down, and we wait on Ocean Avenue for almost an hour. The kids are really cold; they need calories. We head into a McDonald's for french fries. It's the first time ever my kids have been in a McD. I'm not so wild about it, but there it is. The kids love the fries, and ask to return in a few months.

Isaac & Lila @ McDonald's

Just as we return home, hours later than expected (thanks to MUNI's issues), the fireworks over Pac Bell Park downtown begin. I guess the Giants won. Here's the view from in front of our house.

fireworks over our house
 Tuesday 15 August 2006
  Rose, not feeling over her cold this morning, asked for breakfast at The Fiddler's Green. So off to the Fisherman's Wharf area we go. Afterwards, the kids wanted to run through the Cannery. There they found a small tractor in front of the John Deere tourist shop.

Lila & Isaac @ Cannery John Deere

Leaving, Isaac asked us to stop at the Cable Car Museum. Here he is with a model of the beloved hardware.

Isaac @ Cable Car Museum
 Sunday 13 August 2006
  Today, at long last, is Lila's fifth birthday (and party). Even though we have the spectre of Burning Man preparation hanging over us, we found the energy to tidy up the house. Rose, fighting a virus, was the major mover.

Many of the guests had serious colds. Tamara & family elected to lie in sickness at their home in Piedmont, and Serafina's stomach flu won out, but everyone else accepted. The whole house was a kid play area. Here Belle, Jessica, and Isaac jump on the bed.

Belle, Jessica, & Isaac jump on bed

Rose put out all manner of snacks, and yet our guests were hungry when the pizza arrived. From left, it's Kaeli, Lila, Natalie, Zofia, Dziadziu, and Leonard.

birthday pizza!

Neighbor Sarah and (Belle and Muir-Muir's dad) Ethan, in the back bedroom.

Sarah & Ethan

Here's Lila, holding court. It was present unwrapping time. Looking at these photos I realize that we should have put a much brighter sheet on the mattress. Meh.

Lila's presents

At party's end everyone left piled into Rose's car and took turns driving. From left, Muir-Muir, Natalie, Kaeli, Isaac, and the birthday girl.

Muir-Muir, Natalie, Kaeli, Isaac, and the birthday girl in Rose's car
 Friday 11 August 2006

 Monday 7 August 2006
 Sunday 6 August 2006

 Friday 4 August 2006
  At long last, after dropping out for a couple of weeks, Isaac returns to get his proficiency stripes to qualify for his orange-belt test (which happens today). Here's Isaac first in line to hand in his intent-to-promote form and a cheque to Master Jino Kang.

Hapkido: Isaac's orange-belt test

Isaac was a bit "noodle-y" (says Rose) but with the help of Miles Ceralde he's really tightened up his pinan to having quite the snap. Thanks, Miles.

Hapkido: Isaac's orange-belt test
 Thursday 3 August 2006
  Wow, have I ever gotten behind on updating the family 'blog! Mea culpa. Had I known that someone was checking it regularly whilst on her trip to Roswell, NM, I would have been much more diligent.

UPDATE: I've caught up with pictures and text. You might want to jump back a bit to see everything.

 Wednesday 2 August 2006
  Today, at the San Francisco Zoo, (from left) Isaac, Jessica, Aunt Mindy, Matthew, and Lila.

Zoo: Isaac, Jessica, Mindy, Matthew, Lila

At Hapkido Isaac holds the paddle for Alexa. Backfist, then snap that kick!

Hapkido: Isaac & Alexa
 Tuesday 1 August 2006
  We're at the kid-friendly family dentist (for the record: Dr. Nguyen, West Portal Family Dentistry) with Julie, the receptionist. You can see the kids aren't having a good time.

Isaac & Lila @ dentist's office

I wasn't there, but Rose took the kids to Baker Beach. Nice Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Isaac & Lila @ Baker Beach, San Francisco

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