What's New? 2005-01-18

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What's New? 2005-01-18

 Sunday 30 January 2005
  We start out the last Sunday of January 2005 with a kids' day out: they pick and choose. Isaac wants to take BART or MUNI, Lila wants some of the foods we've been eating. The parents indulge them. Here are the kids exiting MUNI at the Embarcadero station, at the foot of Market Street. We're going to jump onto one of the historic F-Line trolley cars and head past Fisherman's Wharf...

... to The Fiddler's Green restaurant. Everyone is happy, although not all of us are fully awake. The kids love watching the CD-changer in the jukebox in the pub.

Here's Rose ordering bangers, back bacon, sauteed mushrooms, eggs over easy (and a few poached), fresh white and Irish soda bread. Mmmmmm.

Lila enjoys playing with a new toy. While she *is* our fashion plate, this is the first time she's played with something so traditionally girl-dress-up that I can recall.

 Saturday 29 January 2005
  The kids return to the Randall Museum to play with the animals, hike up to the top of Acid Hill, and to watch the goings-on at the miniature railroad.

And thereafter to burn off any remaining energy at the Corona Heights playground.

 Friday 28 January 2005
  Michael 'Mickey' Sattler / SF Daniel Spiegel / Ibiza Yes, it's 05.00 and I just got off a videoconference with my Uncle Daniel, in Eivissa (Ibiza); it's nine hours ahead there. It's the first time I've seen him face-to-face since our 1999 Austrian family reunion. What a joy.

Courtesy of Daniel bringing his PowerBook outside we have this nice view of a [literally] freezing San Joan De Labritja:

San Joan De Labritja

It's mid-day, but the off-season has the tourists far away, and the arctic air gripping everything from Scandinavia to the Canary Islands has the locals cowering at home.


Isaac's elementary school is taking a field trip to see a production of Rapunzel at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Here's Mrs. Orr (at left), Isaac (facing us), and other parents taking the bus down Geary Boulevard.

Here's some of the cast of the production. Isaac was impressed.

 Tuesday 25 January 2005
  Don't ask; I have no idea why Isaac is making that face. Perhaps he doesn't want to share the pancakes we've just made from scratch.

The two posters behind him are the most recent additions to our eating nook. From the London Transport Museum shop, they're the public service adverts exhorting travellers to (pay and) have their tickets ready for examination, should one of the undercover fare inspectors demand.

 Monday 24 January 2005
  Twenty years ago today Steve Jobs reveals the Macintosh at the Apple shareholder conference at the Flint Center at De Anza College, Cupertino, California.

1984 Macintosh introduction

Completely unrelated, Lila decdies to celebrate with her tiara. It must be examined in every mirror on the house (and we have quite a few).

 Sunday 23 January 2005
  We gather in the South Bay to celebrate with another part of the family tree. From left to right: Rose's sister Mindy, Isaac, baby Matthew, Uncle Neil, Rose, Bubbie Marion, Lila, Zadie Leonard, Auntie Pamela.

Here's Isaac with cousin Matthew...

...and Lila with cousin Jessica.

 Tuesday 18 January 2005
  A kind reader sends along some useful technical specs for repairing the Yema «Bipôle Duopoly» wristwatch. This comes at a perfect time, as both of mine need new batteries (and one may need a new movement).

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