What's New? 1999-01-01

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What's New? 1999-01-01

 Friday 19 November 1999

Today is a very odd day; all the digits in the date are odd: 11/19/1999. The next extremely odd day will be 1/1/3111.

 Sunday 17 October 1999

Déjà vu: ten years ago it was warm and calm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then, at 17:04, the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, pancaking the Cypress [freeway] Structure, knocking out the Bay Bridge, and wreaking all sorts of infrastructure havoc. In the small town of Santa Cruz the damage was severe too, but in a different way, and on a different scale.

 Sunday 19 September 1999

Isaac, you took your first step today, in the tiny crib in our bedroom.

 Tuesday 20 July 1999

I'm in London, thinking about the Apollo 11 mission, which first landed humans on the moon thirty years ago today.

 Friday 11 June 1999

It is with a heavy heart that I post the news of the death of a childhood inspiration.

DeForest Kelley DeForest Kelley, the actor who played Dr. "Bones" McCoy on the Star Trek TV series and in six Star Trek films, died today at the age of 79.

"He represented humanity and it fitted him well," said Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the science fiction series. "He was a decent, loving, caring partner and will be deeply missed."

"DeForest Kelley was a Southern gentleman all of his life -- a kind, good, wonderful friend," said William Shatner, who played Capt. James Kirk. "I will miss him."

"Despite the character he played, he was a very sweet, shy and gentle man," said George Takei, 62, who played Sulu in the series and movies.

Kelley is survived by his wife of nearly 55 years, Carolyn. She was hospitalized at the Motion Picture facility with a broken leg and had been in the room next to her husband, said A.C. Lyles, a friend and longtime Paramount Studios producer who knew Kelley for five decades.

 Wednesday 14 April 1999

Cleaning up candid snapshots from my time at Organic Online, a web development shop in San Francisco's Multimedia Gulch.

 Monday 12 April 1999

Late last year, just before Isaac was due, I was called to apply some of my database experience for a company located in Scotts Valley. I enjoyed my time at Thuridion, but felt chewed up and spit out all that's left of the once bucolic town of Santa Cruz, California. Now a tourist trap of the lowest order, a place where they'll ticket your car in the middle of winter, on a Sunday, it's not worth a visit. Spend that hard-earned money elsewhere.

 Thursday 8 April 1999

Okay, okay, so maybe I didn't get the site moved over "by the middle of February" :-) Thank you, everyone, for your impressive patience and gracious and encouraging email. We're at our new home, exploring the new limits of our geek space.

So what else has been going on? Well, now that it's been released I can make public mention of it.

Skippy 1.0 Glory Box
 Monday 22 February 1999

It was October of 1993, a time before URLs; before everyone and their grandmother was on the 'net; before graphic user interfaces for email, USENET, or FTP; long before the web and HTML; we were doing "archie searches" and using "gopher" to navigate text documents scattered around the Internet.

I was in San Francisco, teaching (gratis) a community class entitled "The Internet is a Digital Jungle". I needed a domain, and not too many were used, so jungle.com became mine. Recently I transferred it to a UK business which had built its brand around the word "jungle". Good luck, chaps. May it be as fun for you as it was for me.

 Wednesday 3 February 1999

There's been a change in the operating philosophy at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) I've been using since 1993. Rather than continuing to differentiate themselves by growing the virtual San Francisco community as a value-added feature to draw customers they've chosen to shift into a bare-bones services-only mode. The result has been a brain drain from their offices, and as a secondary action, an attempt to convert those who have participated in the building of the community into a profit center.

So I'm in the process of migrating to a more community-minded ISP. Since costs at my old ISP are based upon data stored, I deleted all the hundreds of megabytes of web content, used "Userland Frontier" to create a Migration Announcement to appear on every web page, and then used "Fetch-O-Matic" to upload the new pages.

 Sunday 24 January 1999

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Apple's "Insanely Great" Macintosh! It's been an amazing ride. Starting with the 128k, switching to a laptop-only mode when the PowerBook 100 was released, and continuing to the present day. I've never been happier with an operating environment, neither the IBM System 360 with which I started, nor the Three Rivers PERQ graphic workstation I saw long before the Mac came to be. My only wish: a useful blend of UNIX power and Mac user interface. (Note to Apple: A/UX doesn't count as even marginally usable, even though it is a UNIX.)

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