Bastard Operator From Hell

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Bastard Operator From Hell

BOFH © 19901995 by "Simon Travaglia" and Datamation. All rights reserved.

"Simon Travaglia", of the University of Waikato, Private Bag, Hamilton, New Zealand (no, really) is the creator of an evil character known as the Bastard Operator From Hell. I think it's humor that most everyone will enjoy, but if you've ever been a systems operator then Simon's work will have you rolling on the floor.

Simon put the Bastard Operator From Hell (also known as BOFH) series onto the web a while back. I thought there were several shortcomings with his offering:

  1. a machine in New Zealand gave really poor performance for us in the USA

  2. the stories weren't particularly HTMLized or even broken up by adventure, so I a heck of a time finding the story I was thinking of when I needed it to throw in someone's face.

So I created both a mirror and easiertonavigate version. The electronic version of BOFH are owned by Datamation magazine, all other rights belong to Simon.

If you enjoyed the BOFH, you'll want to be seen in your machine room wearing a "Bastard teeshirt".

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