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Safari West

15 June 2008 - Father's Day

Father's Day starts out just the way I like it, with breakfast in bed. Well, actually it was prepared for bed but I was already up and about, so we ate at the nook table. There's Turkish coffee, heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella sprinkled with Cenofix, kasha (buckwheat groats) and scrambled eggs and Fakin' Bacon sprinkled with Bragg's Amino. Strawberry chaser.

Father's Day breakfast

Mindy & Neil suggested that we spend the day at Safari West, an hour north of San Francisco. The ostrich was just the start of our adventures.

Safari West: Mickey & ostrich

The park was most proud of its brand-new infant giraffe. It was being kept somewhat isolated to ease its transition into the general population. The kids were amazed at its proportions.

Safari West: infant giraffe

thereafter a canonically-proportioned giraffe sauntered by the vehicle in which we were touring.

Safari West: giraffe

Here's a close-up of a tortise that creeped by our spot in the grass. The kids, all of them, were captivated by the variety of animals.

Safari West: tortise shell

They "discovered" this nest of eggs not very far off the beaten path. The park ranger mentioned these were actively being tended, though not while we were watching.

Safari West: nest of eggs

Near the end of the day we were led by a staffer up to the pond, where pieces of meat were tossed into the unbelievably active fish, which jumped out of the water and splashed the watching crowd. The kids each had a turn tossing and screaming.

Safari West: crowd at the dock

Cousin Jessica is having a screamin' good time!

Safari West: Cousin Jessica

Aunt Judy, whom you may remember from Burning Man 2006 is there too.

Safari West: Aunt Judy

Bubbie, Rose's mom, is being attended to by all four grand-kids. Man, do they love their Bubbie. The enthusiasm always amazes me.

Safari West: Bubbie

I make friends with one of the senior staffers, who invites us to stay for dinner. So long after the rest of the family has gone (and there were many more than I showed photos of) we dine. Well, this is what remains of the appetizer; the kids were hungry.

Safari West:

Thanks for joining us. We'll return, perhaps with a video camera.

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