1997 Lake Tahoe, California

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1997 Lake Tahoe, California

This is the story of a particular weekend, one of our first trips together out of the city.

It was in February of 1997, the middle of winter in the Sierra Nevada range, when we took a trip to Lake Tahoe, California. It was cold, windy, and driven piles of snow were everywhere. (Our trip to the Italian Alps, exactly a year in the future, would be the next time we saw so much snow.)

Here you see Rose in our rented apartment on Waller Street, packing for the trip. I tried to bring a bit of Search and Rescue experience to bear upon the problem. (Rose has travelled further and wider than I have, and that's saying something.)

We saw a lot of the surrounding area, including the towns of King's Beach, Truckee, and Tahoe. There's a small sports and clothing store on the lake, across the street from a Belgian waffle store (you'll know it if you're ever in the area). I found some of "last year's" Guy Buffet shirts at a fraction of the usual price, and bought them all. (Every year that we're in the area I return to add to my collection.)

We went snow-shoeing, which was wonderful. I got a chance to try out some new Gore-Tex clothing, which worked even better than I imagined. The secret seems to be the delicate balance of well-made Gore-Tex and the proper placement of ventilation zippers all around the garments. There's something delightful to be said about being able to sit in the snow with a worry of getting wet. And I love the bright, bright colors. I want the body to be found :-)

Nothing gives me appetite better than being in the great outdoors, and if memory serves we found ourselves at a restaurant on the lake, behind a bar-b-que place. Billing itself as an Italian bistro, the place in which we ate had wonderful salmon. (The used to be another eatery next door which served the most amazing duck and wild rice, but it seems to have been closed since the time I travelled here with Pablo Halpern. I hope it wasn't something we said.)

Sorry for the lack of additional photos, I'm not really sure what happened. It may have been that we filled the capacity of one of my early Digital Cameras and were travelling without a PowerBook onto which we could have downloaded the pictures.

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