What's New? 2007-04-13

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What's New? 2007-04-13

 Monday 30 April 2007
  On the kids' school's upper balcony, from left: Isaac, Lila, Alejandro, and Millie. Yeah, they're throwing leaves and tree nuts down on the rest of us.

on the school balcony

The last Site Council meeting of this year, chaired by Principal Willem Vroegh. He brought grapes, brie, and crackers. Mmmmmmm. Let's take a meeting :-)

Site Council

Last night a gas tanker on The Maze crashed into an abutment on the 580 connector to the Bay Bridge, melting two units of the roadway. You'll understand why I'm sharing this info...

Chronicle shows the meltdown

...once you hear that MUNI and BART switched to free service to lure commuters off the roads. So we had to take advantage of the free time on the rails. After school, after Hapkido, after all the homework was done we headed down into Castro station to start a short trip.

post meltdown free mass transit

We took MUNI downtown, where we switched to BART. Our general rule, when riding the rails for fun (especially when we need to get the kids into bed at some reasonable hour), is that we take whatever train arrives first. So off to the airport we headed, where we had dinner, took the AirTrain all over, and headed back. Rose couldn't stay awake.

Rose & Mickey on BART

Kudos to MUNI for taking advantage of the rollout of the new 'T' line to re-do all the signage. I think they did an excellent job. Now, at a glance, one can see the terminus of each line, the connections between lines, etc. Much better than the old version.

new MUNI signage

They also add station name signs and pointers to the boarding zones all over the place, which is such a fantastic improvement, especially for visitors to our fair city.

new MUNI signage
 Sunday 29 April 2007
  Isaac poses between my car

Isaac poses with greenery

Janet & Brent make brunch

running the labyrinth

Isaac pulled in wagon

Isaac & Lila on Clement Street

Lila's ikura sashimi

Isaac is full 'o soba
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  Mr. Valero was in quite the mood today. Instead of the more canonical techniques we got "things you can't do while sparring." What I remember most is the motion described as "a pitcher throwing a baseball", a way to throw a punch over an opponent's high block. It was exhausting, but fun. Thanks, Mr. V!
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