What's New? 2006-04-18

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What's New? 2006-04-18

 Sunday 30 April 2006
  48 hours later, hacking and coughing from all the dust, exhausted from the almost non-stop cleaning, Felicia and I are back aboard an airplane, about to return home to San Francisco.

Fel & Michael back on the plane

The best part of the weekend, besides setting everything straight, was hooking up with the same realtor that sold Dad's house, a classmate of mine (in high school). It turns out that he was a student of Mom's. Okay, that's strange. David Santini did a great job then and has been really wonderful to work with now. Fel and I are pretty happy about how things have progressed so far.

aerial view of mountains
 Saturday 29 April 2006
  The front door of the house in which we grew up (in central New Jersey). The weather is beautiful, warm, with a gentle breeze. The latter we need to counteract the amazing amount of dust we raise during our pass through the entire house, throwing away the junk, packing up what belongs to us, and cleaning the rest for staging the house for sale.

616 Foothill Road, Bridgewater NJ 08807

Liz and Larry, ski friends of the family, have driven down from Vermont to be at a New York wedding. They change their plans and will spend the day helping us, sleep over, help some more, and head to the wedding. Here they pose with their Toyota Prius, about which they're so proud, and with tales about which they regale us. Check out the eye-catching power-distribution real-time graphics!

Liz & Larry Schick

Before we do much of anything we need fuel; the cupboard is bare. Here we're enjoying bagels and lattes at a near-by café, The Daily Grind. I grooved on the bialys.

Liz, me, Felicia at The Daily Grind

The view of our back-yard. I spent hundreds of hours playing here, mostly make-believe under the pinkish tree at right. The grass there was of a variety different than the rest, soft and thin, perfect for toys and imagination.

Bridgewater back-yard

A day of hard work done (but the evening still to be tackled) we take a break at Origin French Thai (Division St., Somerville). What amazing food! So much more delicate, subtle, and tasty than the dozens of Thai restaurants I've sampled in San Francisco. Good pick, Felicia! (We're joined by long-time family friends Rita and Avram Bransdorfer as well as Fel's in-laws, who drove in from an hour away to see us on this 48-hour trip.)

dinner at Origin Thai, Somervillle


Sadly, being back east means that I miss Skate Day at Isaac's elementary school. Here are Dave Freeman, Principal Willem Vroegh, and David Miles (of the Midnight Rollers).

Skate Day at Peabody
 Friday 28 April 2006
  My sister Felicia and I are heading back to New Jersey for the first time since Mom died (more than a year ago). We're going to tidy up her house in preparations for putting it on the market.

Continental airlines
 Thursday 27 April 2006
  This was the view from our street of the goings-on in the aftermath of a fiery car accident in the Castro.

Castro car fire

Evidently a southbound Buick collided with a BMW just south of the Castro Theatre and then crossed to the east side of the street, plowing into at least two or three more parked cars (in front of Cliff's Variety). Gas leaking from (at least) one of the vehicles ignited, setting ablaze two motorcycles and seven parked cars. The BMW driver died as a result of his injuries.

 Wednesday 26 April 2006
  Rose must have taken my digital camera while Lila and I were sleeping in the "big chair" in my office. The fan is blowing, the dreams are a-comin'...

Lila & Papa nap in the big chair

Later in the day the kids assemble a big Duplo tower, with a windmill on top.

Lila & Isaac: the big Duplo tower
 Tuesday 25 April 2006
  As part of the kids program (at the Castro Harvey Milk / Eureka Valley branch of the public library) we're entertained by an Irish piper. Not with the traditional Scottish bagpipes, but the kind where it's strapped to the body and the bellows are "blown" with elbow motion.

piper at library

The kids loved the program, and the Irish expat sitting next to me loved it even more (and let everyone know, repeatedly, during the program).

piper at library
 Monday 24 April 2006
  Isaac snaps this photo of me at the Hapkido dojang.

me at the dojang
 Sunday 23 April 2006
  It's the San Francisco Japantown 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival parade; here's the guys on the sake float, being held aloft by a crowd of volunteers. From atop come sprays of sake soaking the crowd. They don't complain.

sake float in parade

Sadly, when we returned home, we found that someone had vandalized the little garden we have around the sidewalk tree: all the pineapple sage was torn out and stuffed into our neighbor's green recycle bin. Cowards!

pineapple sage, thrown away
 Saturday 22 April 2006
  We head up to the Josephine Randall Junior Museum to participate in a special planetarium show (inside an inflatable dome). We also discuss what makes the phases of the moon, and then make our own star viewers.
 Friday 21 April 2006
  It's time for Willa's playgroup, and Lila's part of a conga line.

Lila's conga line

Isaac gets his yellow belt at Hapkido! Congratulations, son! I am so proud of you. Those last two days practicing your pinans (forms) with Miles (and Master Kang) really helped.

Isaac gets his yellow belt

Proud Lila hugs her brother upon his receiving his yellow belt; none prouder than she.

Proud Lila hugs her brother
 Thursday 20 April 2006
  After-school arts-and-crafts in the front bedroom: today it's crayons on long strips of paper (which usually hangs in the easels).

Lila & Isaac do arts and crafts
 Wednesday 19 April 2006
  Just another wonderful day in paradise! Here we're at the Hapkido dojang, Isaac at left, me in the middle.

Isaac & Papa; Hapkido

Miles Ceralde, an assistant instructor, is teaching Lila how to do her blocks. The kids love Miles. Knowing Miles is waiting for him is often all that's necessary to get Isaac onto the mat. Lila, on the other hand, needs no encouragement at all, and in fact gives me grief if we "only" do two classes in an afternoon.

Lila & Miles; Hapkido
 Tuesday 18 April 2006
  Lila loves her weekly trampoline session at Rochambeau Playground (24th Ave at Geary Blvd). Coach Larry supervises and encourages, and it's wonderful to see the smile on her face.

Lila trampolines Rochambeau Playground

Isaac & Rose enjoy sukiyaki - Japanese beef hot pot - probably at Mifune. Evidently I enjoy a beer. Who knew?

Isaac & Rose enjoy sukiyaki

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