What's New? 2004-12

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What's New? 2004-12

 Monday 13 December 2004
  We're heading out to London & Gran Canaria for the second time in this year. Follow along with our latest travelogue.

 Friday 3 December 2004
  Hearing Scottish comedian Billy Connolly chat about Scots being a shade of blue and needing a week in the sun to become a pale white brought this to mind:

tan lines from summer activities

Either a simple mistake or a profound misunderstanding of physics, the following subtext was displayed under the CNN coverage of the disintegration of the Columbia. (Deep condolences to the families of the astronauts.)

Space shuttle Columbia faster than light
 Thursday 2 December 2004
  Updated the web page about Merhan Karimi Nasseri with a photograph sent to me of him standing in front of a poster for Steven Spielberg movie "Terminal".

Updated the web page about our 2000 Amsterdam trip with a comment from a reader about a mis-identified building. Turns out to be the Royal Palace on Dam Platz. Doh!


A study in contrasts. Here's a German vehicle used by the German police:

Polizei Porsche

Here's a German vehicle used by the American police:

Polizei Porsche

I have no real point to push here. It just amuses me.

 Thursday 2 December 2004
  animated gears This animated gear image has a creation date of 19 March 1998. I've been meaning to put this up on a web page of my own for a good long time now. The first time I saw this, back in an era of poorly-drawn icons and <blink> tags, it really floored me. It's still pretty nice. I love the idea of the machine behind the web page. (This was long before I did any client-server Java programming...)

breathing Apple icon The "breathing Apple icon" is my first animated image, dating back to 4 March 1998. It was done for the original Digital Jungle web pages, to show that a vital platform was used to create these web pages. (This was a long, long time before the "Made with a Mac" badges were created.)

 Thursday 2 December 2004
  Here's United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan in happier days, before he was worrying about his son's alleged involvement in shady oil-for-food dealings.

Kavi Annan Sesame Street
 Wednesday 1 December 2004
  Welcome to December. Updates are happening, really. Just slowly. Sorry. Many pictures are in the queue, and I've been chatting with a friend about doing some video on the site. Here's something for the moment, in stead of my real efforts:

Matrix pyro tee-shirt

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