What's New? 2004-06

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What's New? 2004-06

 Tuesday 29 June 2004
  It's been over two months since I've updated this overview page. During the process of doing some routine system maintenance I deleted every document on my working partition. My backups were pretty recent, but one of the files which got missed was the database which I use to generate these web pages.

So there I am, with everything published already on the web site, and an older database. I've been re-creating all the text which I did since the last backup. Since I use my rendering engine, Userland Radio, for a lot of things, this isn't such a trivial task.

Add to that a tedious and painful job hunt (at the end of which one is rewarded with a job; sigh), major system and network upgrades for Dziadziu and Zofia, and lots of life lived (photos taken; this site will be back-dated so nothing will be missed), and you know why it's been so quiet on the digital front.

So here we go again.


It's very late at night. I've just got the database in sync, and I'm starting to add new pictures and descriptions. I'll start with our current whereabouts: we're up at Truckee-Donner with Rose and her family.

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