What's New? 2003-11-27

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What's New? 2003-11-27

 Thursday 27 November 2003 - Thanksgiving Day
  Our Thanksgiving Day celebration in Union City, at the home of my Rose's middle sister, Mindy. (Pamela is the youngest.) We called folks to say that the kids had a sniffle, and offered to stay home, but everyone said we should come. Unfortunately, two of the people in this panorama didn't tell folks they were sick. One showed up with 102+ fever, the other with 103+.

For the rest of November we've all been sick as dogs. My mother-in-law is sick. My father-in-law went into the hospital to get rehydrated, he was hit so hard. My Dad got sick, Sofia didn't. And all four of us - Lila, Isaac, Rose, and I - have been out of it for days.

 Wednesday 26 November 2003
  Stone Soup celebration at the pre-school. All the activities and stories touched in some way on the theme, and we cooked vats of tasty vegetable soup.

 Tuesday 25 November 2003
  Both Isaac and Lila are really good in the kitchen. Here's an early morning picture of the staff making kasha (buckwheat groats) and eggs. Lila is selecting the next egg to be added to the bowl, Isaac cracks and gets the contents, and then both take turns mixing.

 Monday 24 November 2003
  Here's my princess, proudly wearing a whale-spout ponytail.

This evening I took a refresher in CPR and First Aid at the pre-school. Here are some of the teaching staff: Maria (standing), Jolene (behind), and Rima (seated). The patient survived.

 Sunday 23 November 2003
  Aunt Pamela giving Lila piggy-back rides. The hysterical squeals of pleasure filled the house.

 Thursday 20 November 2003
  Here I am cutting Lila's bangs in the kitchen. She's been very happy to have hair trims and ponytails.

The girls club reading a book at pre-school. Sometime Lila says she's the teacher.

Yesterday you saw how Isaac sleeps. Here's his little sister crashed on the family bed.

 Monday 17 November 2003
  I've mentioned that Isaac has left the family bed and is sleeping in the castle. Well, now you can see for yourself. We're going to have to get some custom-sized mattress or foam in lieu of the pile of pillows on which he now naps.

 Sunday 16 November 2003
  Lila is not feeling too well, so the boys are out and about early in the day. Here we're at Ikea in Emeryville, heaving a very inexpensive breakfast before buying some more shelving. Think spring cleaning in late autumn.

Here's Aunt Pamela and the kids in the front garden of our house. Every day is photo day when one has a tiny camera in ones pockets.

 Saturday 15 November 2003
  Today occasioned another visit to Tot Shabbat, held bi-monthly at Sherith Israel synagogue.

Here is my family reading from the huge collection of Jewish books available to the kids.

In addition to exercising the mind, both kids get a good dose of running around on colorful play structures while here. Lila was teaching a baby how to crawl through this tunnel. He followed her shortly after she posed for me.

What would Shabbos be without the Torah? Here are the kids getting ready to dance with their stuffed Torah toys and to hear about this week's parsha (portion of the Old Testament). And lots of kids songs.

An absolute favorite of Isaac is the self-propelled cars. Ever since he was a toddler he's been having a great time in them. Today was no exception.

Afterwards we went to Clement Street, where Isaac discovered a shop where we could rent radio-controlled cars by the quarter-hour. Since everyone was having such a fun time we kept on renting more of them. Here you see both kids with their own controllers.

Later in the day we arrived at Dziadziu's new place near Twin Peaks (only a minute's drive from us). Here Isaac and Dziadziu cuddle in the computer room. The picture of Moses being rescued from the Nile, a picture which belonged to my father's family before the Holocaust and which was hidden for decades until he returned, hangs in the background.

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