New Years Day Throughout the year I carry with me a self-image, one which includes the ability to compose and deliver a year-end snapshot of the goings-on in my life. Each year I fail in one or another spectacular fashion. This year I've started in early October, so perhaps you'll be reading this (on paper or on-line) before the new millennium is upon us.

The year started out with grand relief at the non-impact of the Y2K Bug. We lay in bed, watching the year sweep across the planet, expecting to see some lapse in programming, perhaps brownouts or power outages in the third world, maybe an inability to check in at an airport, hopefully some inconvenience to justify year(s) of media hype. As you know, nothing happened. We fell asleep with the sounds of celebrations echoing from the Castro.

The next morning we embarked on an annual tradition. We meet friends and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge at high noon. On the north side we shared sweets and hot tea and cider. On the south side we took this photo and headed off to enjoy the year.

Isaac celebrated his first birthday just before the new year, and we marked the occasion by taking a trip to Casablanca.


London, Paris, Brussels, Münster, London, St. Ives on May Day.

New Jersey and New York in August.

Israel in November.