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Scientific Learning

8 May 2008

I've accepted a position as a Java programmer at Scientific Learning, an Oakland-based software company which makes reading- and speaking-improvement products. It's a great change from the too-intense high-tech companies for whom I've worked.

Here's a very brief glimpse of life at Scientific Learning:

Co-worker Anirudh (Rudy, left) and my boss, Scott, on a conference call.

Scientific Learning: Scott & Anirudh

The Oakland Farmers' Market, a few blocks away, a Friday happening.

Scientific Learning: Oakland Farmers' Market

Co-worker James at the Ferry Building, San Francisco. It's a great lunchtime break and a short BART ride away.

Scientific Learning: James, Ferry Building

Co-worker Manny's thumbtack sculpture.

Scientific Learning: Manny's thumbtack sculpture

From left, my wife Rose, son Isaac, and daughter Lila as seen via videoconference. Until now the kids have never known a father who leaves every morning to go to the office. They're coping. It'll matter less when school starts in a few months.

Scientific Learning: videoconference home

One of the nice things about this job is that I don't need to drive anywhere; only BART and a walk.

Scientific Learning: BART

Now I'd best get back to work. That's my boss' boss' office across the way. We're a small department of very pleasant individuals.

Scientific Learning: get back to work


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