Jewish Heritage Night, SBC Park, San Francisco

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Jewish Heritage Night, SBC Park, San Francisco

Thursday 24 August 2005

Go Giants! in Hebrew It's Jewish Heritage Night at SBC Park, and Rose has been asked to dance.

Her years of folk dancing have finally paid off; she's been asked to participate in a demonstration dance recital inside the baseball park during the event. Free admission, free parking. And the kids get to come along to see. Isaac saw a night game there, a few days after 9/11. Lila hasn't been to the ball park at all. Let's change that.

This is what SBC Park - the baseball park constructed in downtown San Francisco - looks like from the 'AA' parking lot area. It was great being given a parking spot because, uncharacteristically, we were actually using the car and coming back from somewhere. We're usually mass transit city people; the kids love the trolleys.

SBC Park, San Francisco

The best thing in the park - from the kids point of view - is the playground. Cleverly located on the middle level, parents can watch the game whilst the kids run around. Badly designed, though: the kids can wander away from the central area. Not the thing you want to fret about at a huge, crowded arena.

Here's Lila crowing as she makes it to the bottom of the smaller slide; there's a bigger, faster one for the big kids (and adults, if you choose).

SBC Park child's slide

The folk dancers were asked to assemble just inside the entrance by the the palm trees, by the water. You can see some dancers wearing their souvenir orange tee-shirts.

SBC Park - folk dancers at entrance

Here's Rose, in the middle of the picture, dancing away. They were dancing for a long time, and it's hard work!

SBC Park - Jewish folk dancers

After Rose changed back into mufti, we took a tour of the park. Lila choose exceedingly pink cotton candy, which, after a taste or two, was rejected as being too fluffy and too sweet. Isaac picked, and enjoyed, a hot pretzel.

Isaac's favorite spot is on a cable car mounted on the same level as the playground. Lila, my special chipmunk, is busily storing away popcorn, her replacement snack.

SBC Park - my family poses

My favorite time of the event: dusk. The sky gets dark, the park's lights come on, and surreal colors come to life. It's just wonderful. I feel completely energized.

SBC Park night game

Here *I* am, enjoying the goings-on. Looking at this picture I'm reminded that I'm trying out a new visual ownership method: the black stripe at right of each picture. I'm not sure whether I like this better than having my email address superimposed over the images. I guess I'll see...

SBC Park - I pose

Anyhow, thank's for coming along. Perhaps you can join us on more of our travels.

Have you found errors nontrivial or marginal, factual, analytical and illogical, arithmetical, temporal, or even typographical? Please let me know; drop me email. Thanks!

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