Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit

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Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit

BAMRU BAMRU is a volunteer search-and-rescue (SAR) organization. Based halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, California, at the Office of the San Mateo County Sheriff, BAMRU searches for missing persons as authorized by the Sheriff and the California Office of Emergency Services. MRA
CARDA BAMRU members are on call around-the-clock for high-angle rescue, missing-person searches, and the like. We hold a common core of outdoor field skills (the first step in helping is not being a problem yourself): backpacking (we're expected to be self-sufficient for 48 hours), map and compass skills, and the basics of searching rugged terrain. By charter a mountain (vertical) rescue unit, members posess a varying range of rock-climbing skills. Individual members are skilled in emergency medicine, amateur radio skills, human-tracking, snow-camping, leadership, and more. We have practices twice a month (going to each one isn't required) and are called out many times each year. NASAR

BAMRU Monthly, the voice of the organization, is a collection of stories, reporting, scanned photographs, the occasional poem, membership roster, and events calender.

Many BAMRU personnel are making the effort to register as field support for the dog handlers of the California Rescue Dog Association.

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