EShop: The Shelves

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EShop: The Shelves

As of Friday 17 November 1995 everything on these pages is free, Free, FREE! Actually, given the state of things with the migration of the beta trial to realware, things may never actually go back to costing token amounts. (See the Ancient (Web) History page for details. The failed purchase is worth a glance too.)

ecash An introduction

ecash Read about making a test purchase

ecash The catalog of items

Introduction to our shelves

This is the Digital Jungle EShop, where you can buy information and consulting services with ECash. If you haven't yet read our orientation brochure please do so now. It provides an introduction to ECash, instructions on obtaining the ECash client software and an account at the bank, help and hints for using the ECash software, and the way to our Complaints Department (which we are proud to say is rarely used).

Having ECash client software problems? Check our hints section.

Make a test purchase

Finally got your account and the ECash client software? Congratulations!

Want to make a test purchase? We proudly offer the logo of the People's Café - the place in San Francisco 1995 Gran Canaria: Where I Spend My Days writing books, designing and implementing web pages, and downing non-fat caffè lattes.

ecash People's Café logo US$0.01 Free!

The catalog of items

This is the starting point of our on-line catalog. Following are the sections in our catalog, with a small teaser (but my no means a complete inventory of our stock) and link to that catalog page. Happy browsing!

ecash Items for CU-SeeMe users

CU-SeeMe is an Internet videoconferencing system developed at Cornell University and deployed throughout the world. Here you'll find the Worldwide Public Reflectors List.

ecash Technical computer documentation

Here you'll find the fully-commented InterSLIP dialing and gateway scripts.

ecash Items for amateur "ham" operators and scanner listeners

Here you'll find listings of municipal and special-use radio frequencies and "the complete (and mostly accurate) guide to undocumented features and modifications of the Kenwood TH-78 handheld transceiver".

Having ECash client software problems? Check our hints section.

Have you found errors nontrivial or marginal, factual, analytical and illogical, arithmetical, temporal, or even typographical? Please let me know; drop me email. Thanks!

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