K. M. Peterson: (2005-02) Uganda

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K. M. Peterson: (2005-02) Uganda


Thursday 10 February 2005

K. M. Peterson, a friend from long-ago, just called me to test his set-up of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). No big deal, you say; we're all using VoIP these days. Well, how many of you are doing it from Kampala, Uganda? (I'm impressed, and wish I was with KMP. So many things I want to see in Africa.)

K. M. Peterson at the source of the Nile

Above you see KMP at Lake Victoria, at the place where the Nile River starts its 6695 km (4184 mi) trip to the Mediterranean Sea.

River Nile elevations

You see his long-sleeved shirt and pants? A prudent measure to prevent mosquito bites, in addition to the anti-malarials he's already on. KMP says "at 0912 Friday morning it's around 28 °C [82 °F]. We're 0 degrees 21 minutes north of the Equator." I'd be having a hard time not wearing shorts or one of my kilts.


Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 09:41:18 +0300
From: K. M. Peterson
Subject: Uganda

Hi there,

It's late Sunday morning as I write this. I'm sitting in my hotel room - it's extremely nice:

hotel room in Uganda

I got to the hotel around 0100 local time (1700 EST), after having not really gotten any sleep since I left Boston. I was up at 0900 the next morning, and had a nice breakfast and waited for my boss to arrive back from the safari he'd gone on.

Sunday night, dinner at the house of the head of one of the projects here; only the first of many compounds with an armed guard opening the gate (all of the offices and hotels have them). Beautiful place, up on one of the hills, and a lovely dinner. After dinner, we had scotch sitting up in their yard with a view of the city.

All this week: lots of running around, lots of meetings, dinner with various people. Meeting technical consultants and vendors in the hope of helping these offices work better. 

Thursday, we went to Jinju, a large town about 90km East of Kampala. We went to visit a couple of field offices and look at their Internet connectivity, and their issues. After we completed that task, we had lunch at an Indian restaurant and went to the Nile. The source of the Nile, actually, where it leaves Lake Victoria and begins its journey to the Mediterranean, 4000 miles from here. I sent an image to my friend Michael Sattler who put it in his blog, with commentary. [KMP is referring to the entry at the top of this page. --M]

I was treated to an evening of Kampala Nightlife on Friday night/Saturday morning; out until 0400 visiting music venues, disco joints, and places where, um, people like to go to meet other people for temporary liaisons. It was all quite interesting, and great to see another facet of life here. Also, at most of these places, I was the only white person there, so also interesting.

Next week, looks like more work, perhaps working out the consolidation of several Internet connections for the main offices of two of the other projects. We'll see.

KMP in Uganda

_K (At +256 31 227222 if you're so inclined to call me ...)

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