Rina Natkin: (1998-02-04) India: Rina in Wonderland

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Rina Natkin: (1998-02-04) India: Rina in Wonderland

The following story copyrighted © 1998 by "Rina Natkin", all rights reserved.

From: "Rina Natkin"
Subject: Rina in Wonderland
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 22:34:35 PST

Yes, it is true, I have entered through the looking glass and landed in wonderland. Only difference is instead of a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah, I am exchanging words with Sadhus charming snakes and smoking hookah! There is no evil Queen of Hearts just lots of strange men who stare unashamedly. The mad hatter pops up on every other street corner inviting me in for tea and wanting to communicate in a language that I cannot yet understand. The white rabbit keeps running by telling me to eat this or try that. I am in another world and loving it! Everything is new for me and I am reveling in it all. The fine line that I have walked between eroticism and nausea has grown even finer here and sometimes I feel as though I am dancing on the brink of insanity but I like that as so many of you do too. I feel as though I have journeyed into the land that time forgot. I hear the rhythyms of ancient drums and I am reminded of home. Where is that and did it land on the wicked witch of the north, south, east, or west?

Am I making any sense? If not it is probably because I ate too many of those cookies that said eat me and I have grown bigger and bigger and smaller and smaller and I have only been here two weeks. Thank you all for your e-mails. This computer thing is truly magical. I need those warm doses of love from afar. You my friends give me strength. When the masses are staring and gathered around me to here me speak I think of you and feel once again like Rina the Quina. None of my insanities at home could have prepared me for this journey but it is the love and support of all that will keep me going.

I will try to write you as often as possible and keep you posted on the magic that is India. I still can't get over all of the colors. It is phenomenally beautiful. More to come as I have more to tell.

All my love,



Hey, I already learned to count to ten. Here is your Hindi lesson for the day....

Ick, Do, Theen, Char, Panch, Che, Saat, Aat, Nao, Das...


P.S. I got to see the monkeys on the side of the road. Friendly little buggers as are the goats and the cows and the wild boars and so on and so on and so on....

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