Rina Natkin: (1998-01-25) India: Just Arrived

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Rina Natkin: (1998-01-25) India: Just Arrived

The following story copyrighted © 1998 by "Rina Natkin", all rights reserved.

From: "Rina Natkin"
Subject: Just arrived
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 14:12:59 PST

Hello y'all.

I just landed in bombay and am taking quick advantage of the home computer at my disposal. Paris was cold in all ways when compared to the warmth that is India. My last night in Paris was a treat. I found a drum circle in the Metro station and danced until I missed the last train. We made some serious cash. Drummers are the same everywhere. Actually, Freaks are the same everywhere. Burning Man may be seeing a few extra French folk. I'm sending them all to San Francisco so I hope you'll welcome them with open arms.

I write that as if I am not planning on coming home. I just arrived in Bombay tonight but already this place seems so familiar. There seems to be magic in the air. Walking that fine line between eroticism and nausea is going to be even easier here.

I'll keep you posted of the journey as it continues on. Thank you all for the kind send off. I don't think i would be doing this if it weren't for the unconditional love and support of family and friends.

All the best to everyone!!



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